Can Cardi B Get a Spinoff?

Ok, so we all know that reality TV is usually some scripted-ass stuff. I mean, how many times can person A and person B (who "hate each other") just happen to be in the same restaurant/party/club/titty bar at the same gotdamn time with all the cameras and such around?

However, probably because of the shittiness of pro wrestling these days, I've caught myself watching the latest season of Love and Hip-Hop: New York. LHHNY is probably the weakest series of the franchise at this point (I'll leave the "why" to avid fans of the series and its spin-offs). But, because of one person I've found myself genuinely intrigued. That one person, obviously, is Cardi B. It may be early in her run on the show, but she could be the most-equipped to get a spin-off series.

She reminds me of some cooky combination of a 'round-the-way girl, a meme-friendly personality, and someone with a loose screw or two. However, it's in that "oh, they're just different" sort of way versus "oh, this chick legit gonna spaz and kill everyone." I think that's what makes her endearing--even when she gets on her Joseline-meets-Nicki-meets-Kat Stacks vocal rants ("Regular degular schmegular," anyone?). She seems more like a real person you'd run into--or even be friends with. Let's be real: who doesn't have that one friend who's loud, but still makes good points in a somewhat non-sequitur sort of way?

So, comedic timing (even if somewhat unintentional), an actual sense of humor, some "ratchetness," "realness," and a built-in fanbase from her social media presence. Add on top of that a life that just screams "show more of me," and we've got the makings of, at least, a limited-run series a la K. Michelle's series.

If we don't see a Cardi spin-off, VH1 may've lost out.

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