@TeamDAR - "Sky High" (Visuals)

Oh, what, people thought I wasn't gonna post some #DARBusiness on the site this year? Must be out y'all rabbit-assed minds...

Anyway, the DAR crew put out visuals for "Sky High" from the upcoming Leviticus album. "Sky High," while it actually released a couple weeks back, is the first single from Leviticus and features some pretty chilled-out, but turned-up vocals and production. Plus, you get to see True, Ax, and Apollo in a video that wasn't recorded in a DAR Basement--or featuring me awfully lip-syncing the lyrics to "Truthful Revelations..." and the like; that's a double win (and not an insult on DAR No-Fi Videos; it's just a new era for the team).

Leviticus drops in about two weeks.

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