New Visuals: @CheMerk - "Giuseppe" feat. @DreWillz26

What happens when you take the "I love my shoe" trope that's been a staple in hip-hop just about since its inception, update it with a very fashionable shoe, add in a driving instrumental, and include a rack of scantily-clad women? You get the visuals for Che Merk's "Giuseppe" featuring Dre Willz of Spill Gang. The entrancing song grabbed me, and that's even before we see the models work their magic.

I'm usually not the biggest fan of "look at my chain/wrist/car" songs, I'll admit. But, this track has an "anthemic" feel to it that I couldn't deny. Plus, ya know, I'd gladly blare this one over "Air Force Ones" any day of the week because "AFO" was, literally, a giant commercial. At least "Giuseppe" doesn't completely go into "I'm just hawking this product" territory with no real regard for actual musical ability.

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