Dear Dwayne Haskins...

Dear Dwayne Haskins,

My name is Johnthan. People call me Speed on the Beat, as I used to rap and make instrumentals. That's not really the point of this letter. I don't know you and I'm probably close to a decade older than you. However, I implore you to just pick a side and just be done with it.

Ever since your name surfaced in the area as a QB to watch, people have fawned over your talent. I'm one of those people. I watched highlights of your games and said "man, this guy is kind of a rare talent. The team which gets him to commit will almost instantly become better." And when the #DMVtoUMD Movement started catching fire, I was happy. That's mainly since, as a Terp, I want the best talent at my alma mater. I also want the brightest talent, academically and otherwise. Judging from what I do know about you, you seem to fit those descriptions and would be a great fit with the University of Maryland. I'd love to see you chucking bombs at Capital One Field at ByrdMaryland Stadium.

But, ever since the firing of Randy Edsall, I and Terp fans like me have had to deal with the numerous rumors and rumblings from pundits. Of course, they don't know everything. I don't expect them to know everything. Heck, some, I expect to just be hot air-blowing morons who, based on name recognition, their word becomes the Word of (Sports) God. That's stupid in its own right, but I digress. When Coach Edsall was fired, fans started seeing your face in apparel that wasn't Under Armour Red, Gold, Black, and White.

As a father, sports fan, and a son, I understand that. You're a young man and choosing a school that'll complement your abilities on and off the field is important. It's a very big decision. And, truth be told, it really is a life-altering thing--even if you're not an athlete. But, with that very big decision comes, again, numerous rumblings about you possibly decommitting, going to Ohio State (I'm sorry, I respect OSU and Urban Meyer as a team and a coach, but I just don't like OSU), Florida, or somewhere else. It's becoming more and more like a circus, and I know, as a young man, you're probably thinking to yourself, "dang, I just wanna ball and kill this hypebeast that's surrounding my decision(s)." You have the power to do this.

How, you ask? Well, just come out and say what your intentions are. Some of my fellow Terps are also growing tired of the hypebeast that surrounds your decisions as well. People nationwide, either with Maryland, OSU, or wherever you're visiting, they're waiting with so much bated breath that some are damn near ready to pass out.

So, all I ask of you, Dwayne, is this: please, for the love of all that is great in life, come out and finalize your decision. I'll, as a fan of DMV sports, will support you wherever you go (hopefully, it's still Maryland). But, I just want, for your sake and the collective sake of the Maryland/OSU/UF/wherever fanbase, a finalize decision or conference or something so we can get back to what's important: football and you getting the best education and athletic experience you can possibly get from wherever you go.

Johnthan "Speed on the Beat" Speed

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