Should We Be Worried: Lane Kiffin Could Be The Next Terps Coach

Ok, so this one's going to be a shortie. Why? Well, I've been busy with many other projects. But, let's screw the formalities. If you haven't heard, Lane Kiffin interviewed for the (pretty much open) Maryland Football HC position.

This is a good and a bad thing. First, it shows that Maryland isn't playing around. Lane Kiffin is an explosive choice and would, instantaneously, change the Terps' game. Lane Kiffin would be the equivalent of the Orioles bringing in Buck Showalter.

BUT...with that explosive offensive mind and recruiting prowess, he brings some controversy. I mean, he didn't exactly leave USC on good terms and his NFL tenure was...unique. Furthermore, Kiffin coming in, with no real connections to the staff as is, it'd be similar to when Mark Turgeon signed on to coach. While it'd be an upgrade over his predecessor (sorry Gary. You are a legend, but things needed a change), the change could cause strife.

But, if we go the Turgeon route, the initial strife will be worth it. So, if Lane Kiffin wants to coach the Black and Gold (and Red and White), let's get it done.

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