PA Volume 23: Spike's Redemption, Logic, and Drizzle's New Music Unveiling

NSFW Warning/Disclaimer: 
PA (short for "Profound Assholes") is a series on where I have a no-punches-pulled conversation with a friend about a hot-button issue (yay cliches!). That friend is usually none other than Drizzle Sez formerly of, who co-created the PA format (go check out his site. It's still live and still kicks much ass to this day). Today, we discuss Steve Blum, Logic's TITS album (again) for a brief review of the LP.

Drizzle: I...I can't...I can't listen to Logic when the back-and-forth between him and Steve Blum is so fucking priceless! I mean, "Bitches love the Rubix Cube!" 

(Speed laughs)

Speed: So, has Blum redeemed himself in your eyes? I mean, even a morsel? Ya know, since you and I both commented on our disdain for his take on Orochimaru. Sorry, Steve. Also, as an aside, I just found out that Cloud is gonna be in Super Smash Brothers. I'm astounded--

Drizzle: That's old nerd news, Speed--

Speed: Hey. Fuck you. When they announced it, it was my mom's birthday. So, yeah! I'm allowed to zone out then (Speed laughs).

Drizzle: Ok, fair. But, for really though. I fuck with this album.

Speed: Yeah, it's an interesting concept, to say the very least.

Drizzle: Except...Steve Blum and Big Lenbo play the Triple S: The Spotlight Stealing Squad.

Speed: ...yep. So, Logic doesn't get distracted--nor does he distract the listeners--by sometimes sounding like K dot here. However, he gets his spotlight stolen a bit and, at least for me, I've found myself, at times, more enthralled with what OG Spike's gotta say and the guest spot(s).

Drizzle: I mean, dude can rap.

Speed: But? Because I know there's a "but."

Drizzle: Nope. I like it.

Speed: Except that he gets outshined a bit by Toonami Tom? Or does that add to the epicness of the project for you.

Drizzle: Adds to the epic.

Speed: Yeah, it had some hiccups. And fuck it, I'm not talking about the "ohh, he sounds like Kendrick" shit. I mean, for real. You can sound like someone a lot worse than Kendrick. Just saying. But, yeah. Overall, the album was pretty legit. 

Drizzle: I'm sorry. Their back-and-forth was great.

Speed: Don't apologize (Speed laughs).

Drizzle: But...I am sorry.

Speed: Why?

Drizzle: I mean, just last week, I went in on Steve Blum. Now, he's redeemed.

Speed: Shrug. It happens.

Drizzle: doesn't.

Speed: Bruh, it...happens.

Drizzle: Not for me, it doesn't.

Speed: Explain...

Drizzle: Ok. So, when people fall off, they're dead to me. I mean, if you talk to me about the people who've fallen off, I'd probably be here for a minute. But, Blum? He...isn't dead. I mean, it might be because Logic put some pretty tasty jams in there to make me ignore my gripes about Steve.

Speed: Perhaps. Either that or hearing the phrase "bitches love the Rubix Cube" melted your cold heart towards him.

Drizzle: Nah. I was feeling it before then. 

Speed: Well, then...he's alive again. And it's all thanks to Logic and his use of Blum. Thank you, Logic. 

Drizzle: Yep. In other news, my Twitter shoutout has been quite successful. Every indie artist on Earth, it seems, is sending me music. And a lot of it? It's not only fuckwithable, it's damn fuckwithable.

Speed: Ok, I'm intrigued.

Drizzle: I knowwww. It's, like, a glorious experience.

Speed: Yes, it is. Welcome to my world.

Drizzle: So many people. So many influences. So many different stories.

Speed: So, are you gonna cover any of these tasty jams with different stories and influences? Or are you just gonna hoard them for yourself?

Drizzle: I'm gonna cover 'em. I figure I'll do it next week. On Thanksgiving, I'll showcase.

Speed: Nice. 

Drizzle: But, lemme tell you: I feel enlightened.

Speed: This is a good thing.

Drizzle: Me being pissed off at people because of The Weeknd shit is the best thing that's happened to my music palate in a minute.

Speed: Huzzah.

Drizzle: I'm having a hard time keeping up with it all. But, when I'm in my truck and bumping shit? Hell yeah. I do gotta say this, though. When I listen to music, my level of careitude is 100% based off of how I feel when I'm hearing it or what it makes me feel. But, again, I've got a lot of shit to share. I'm not hoarding it...ever (Drizzle laughs).

Drizzle: I fucks with something.

Speed: And again, that's a good thing. So, readers and whatnot. This is an abbreviated edition of "Profound Assholes." Nevertheless, be sure to check out Logic's TITS album--that's short for The Incredible True Story--and keep your eyes and earholes open next week for Drizzle's Indie Showcase. 

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