New Music: Shy Glizzy feat. Zed Zilla - "Walk On Water" (Prod. by ILL Wonka)

Shy Glizzy and Zed Zilla team up on "Walk on Water." The ILL Wonka-produced track also serves as a kick-off for #WonkasGift to raise awareness for Santa Cause. The production on this track is top-notch, as it goes in that happy medium between "ghetto gospel" and straight hood-hop. The same can be said about the actual lyrics. Glizzy, in his "I'm a shootin' star, take a seat, nigga" glory drops some pretty nice lines on here, as does Zilla. Part-reflective track, part-you-can't-mess-with-me boastfulness, "Water" is a dope track to tide people over--and whet their appetites--until Glizzy and Zilla drop a new project.

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