New Music: Flizy - "Trap Phone Jumpin" (feat. Ant Glizzy)

Byrd of MadeintheDMV hit me with two tracks this Thanksgiving Eve. The first of them, "Trap Phone Jumpin" is from Flizy featuring Ant Glizzy. I admittedly hadn't heard much of Flizy until this track, but I feel foolish for missing him until now. Flizy and Glizzy, over a dreamy Mike Hurst production, effortlessly detail their ability to get the trap--and the trap phone--popping off. Plus, any track that drops something like "tryna get my bread lanky/niggas hate me 'cause they ain't me" deserves a mention, especially since it's not exactly the traditional "my money long" couplet. The track utilizes comedy and bars to get its point across and for that, it's a track worth checking out.

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