The Reasoning Behind the Reyna Interview (Slightly NSFW)

Now, if you've followed for a while, you'll have noticed a few things. I'm candid about my mental illness, my mother's death really messed me up and made me re-evaluate a lot of my life, and I enjoy discussing social media and all its greatness and follies. So, in 2013, when Reyna first popped up on the scene (apologies for erroneously referring to you as "Reina"), I wanted to talk with her about, pretty much, the "why." As an English major--and a fellow Terp--I've been taught to seek out the "why" in a situation, and discuss it in a mature manner.

People don't often get that right, that pleasure, with sex or sensuality.

It's either seen as a big taboo or one of those "we all need to do it millions of times, we need to embrace our 'hoe stage'" moments. There's never really a conversation about why we love sexuality, whether or not we're engaging in liberation or pure objectification when we look at sexualized images, and so on. We have slutwalks, but both sides of the fence tend to avoid completely discussing the issues at hand with the other side. This may possibly be out of anger and oppression. But, more often than not, it comes off as seemingly being out of confusion; in other words, "how can that side believe something that I don't?"

That's part of the reason why has taken such a turn towards being even more frank than usual these past few months. I want to open up a discourse about pretty much everything that's seen as "taboo," from sex to racism and everywhere in between. More importantly, I want to do so in a manner that was fun, but still mature.

Which brings me back to Reyna.

She, in my opinion, was one of the first younger (read: 18-30) "Black Twitter" individuals who put it out there that sex isn't really either of the extremes. We had "#FreeTheNipple" members, we've had Puritanists within the scene. But, there haven't been as many middle-ground individuals on the topic. It's something that's normal in the world. While we all do enjoy sex, we're not just sexual beings. Sex isn't the end-all, be all, showcased through this young woman equally displaying her brain and Naruto love as much as her booty. And yes, this is amazing, but, she's not someone who's going around saying she's completely in the right or saying that her way of thinking is the only way to go--something that's wrong with, quite frankly, both sides of the sexual argument. She's just doing what she think feels good or right for her in that moment.

And that's what I'm going for: showcasing people who aren't just going to side with one side of the fence all the time because reasons. That's why Profound Assholes began. And that's part of the reason why Reyna and I are doing this interview. That and, well, I've been trying to do this for about two years and I'm persistent when there's a new perspective to be told.

Stay tuned, because it's going to be a juicy one.

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