So @Tinashe is one of Playboy's First Non-Nude Models (Slightly NSFW)

Photo Credit: Playboy/Josh Reed

I assume that "Playboy Bunny" is considered to be cliche, slightly sexist, and outdated at this point as well. Anywho, R&B singer Tinashe ("2 On" and other sexy little ditties) appears as one of the first people to pose for Playboy in their new, non-nude era. The Maxim-esque shoot is actually pretty sweet, from what I've seen. Is it slightly disappointing that Tinashe doesn't embrace the buff?

Eh...kind of?

I mean, for so many years, Playboy was known for (somewhat) tasteful nudity. It's as American as apple pie (And, yes, it took a lot from me not to start singing The Rock's "Pie" song). But, with the influx of free outlets of nudity (thank you, XVideos, YouPorn, and PornHub. I'm just sayin'), they decided to change their ways. But, thankfully, Tinashe keeps the hotness levels cranked all the way up. And thankfully, she's also pretty talented as well.

So, yeah. Go Playboy for choosing her, since, y'know, diversity and youth movements and such. And go Tinashe for, pardon my potential horndog-like nature, showing an inkling of the cakes and whatnot.

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