Should We Be Worried: Mike Locksley is the Terps' New Coach

So, since the last time we did one of these, the Maryland Terrapins almost pulled one off against the Buckeyes...for about a quarter in their game. After the obvious failure, Maryland fans knew what was about to go down. Kevin Anderson, AD for Maryland, knew what was about to go down. Hell, even Randy Edsall probably knew that he was screwed. 

I mean, look at this face!
This is the face of a man who's clearly been in over his head for years.

But, is Mick Locksley any better than Edsall? Can he right the wrongs that have happened this year? Well, let's look at his stats. During his time at Illinois, his offenses were ranked almost last in their conference. His tenure at New Mexico was...uh, sullied by many miscues (mostly miscues of Locksley's own doing). And his offense at Maryland, under Edsall, hasn't exactly been A1. Yes, we can crow about his great recruiting skills (Locksley's recruits, such as E.J. Henderson, Shaun Hill, and Lamont Jordan, among others, helped make Ralph Friedgen into a stud coach in the early 2000s). But, recruiting skills do not necessarily equate to being a great head coach.

So, with Locksley's background in mind, should Terps fans be worried about the first black coach in Terps Football history when his squad matches up with the team who's coached by the man who should've been the first black Terps Football coach, James Franklin of Penn State?

Yes, plain and simple. Look, I don't want to kick a team when their down--especially one who I hold near and dear to my hearts. And, Penn State isn't without their problems (look at last week's game against--you guessed it--Ohio State; their offense and special teams woes were quite apparent). But, Penn State is a team that still outmatches Maryland this year. Plus, ya know, the rivalry between the teams has always been pretty one-sided.

But, this is college football. Stranger things have happened...

Maryland and Penn State kickoff Saturday at 3:30PM at M&T Bank Stadium.

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