@raury x @BigKRIT - "Forbidden Knowledge"

I'll let it be known: I'm not the biggest Raury fan. I think he's talented, and I enjoy his music. However, at times, his knowledge gets lost amidst awkward production choices, songs that are good, but seem like they're trying too hard to be folky and abstract, or over-wordiness. On his newest leak, "Forbidden Knowledge," the 19-year-old artist snaps, utilizing every word as a jab at the powers that be. He's aided by very atmospheric and minimal production--and a great Big K.R.I.T. feature. If the debut album he's dropping next week features songs like this? Yeah, I'll forgive him for his, at times, awkward alternative take on already alternative folk-rap.

Give it a listen and keep your eyes and ears open for Raury's debut album.

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