New Music: @VicRippa - Dope Reagan

In December 2013, I got a message from Mississippi artist Vic Rippa announcing his Dope Reagan project. The mixtape/EP, after several delays and alterations, finally saw the light of day this week. But, was it worth the weight (pun intended)?

The project, chock-ful of trap-meets-drill production, features Vic speaking on life experiences, how his team deserves recognition, and, well, trapping. I mean, the album is named after one of the most well-known trappers, depending on your outlook on Reaganomics, so it's only right. However, the concept project falls into a rut since it does tread cliched waters (hustling, getting money, etc.) and Vic's creativity seems forcibly stifled by his trying to stick within the concept of the project. I will give him credit for this: even though he seems stifled and the project can teeter onto the side of "cliche," he manages to still present a diverse look into his lyrical repertoire.

Additionally, the concept and its execution reminds me a bit of Jay IDK's Subtrap project from earlier this year (in that both focus on the ramifications of Reaganomics, although through different lenses). If you're able to forgive Vic for toning down his creativity to tell a story, you'll be treated to seven tracks. These seven tracks, even at their most cliched moments, bang hard in the whip and paint a picture of how the war on drugs failed to keep things as copacetic as originally thought. Additionally, "Awards" and "Floyd Mayweather" are anthem-ready songs that may find their way into your collection sooner than you'd think.

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