@Hopsin - No Words

Listeners know that Hopsin is one of those artists who'll come out and say just about anything. Sometimes, it's a legit point. Sometimes, it's borderline trolling mixed in with a bit of "why y'all not looking at me?" for good measure. However, he's usually on point. Yesterday, the controversial artist dropped "No Words," a parody of, well, just about every mainstream rapper out. It's a pretty funny video, as it calls out artists and "dumb ass" listeners who are gullible enough to like mainstream rap--

Alright, let me stop there and get on a soapbox. In music, there's got to be a balance. There can't be just ignorance, but there also can't just be "lyrical miracle, aiming cereal at your steering wheel" underground rap. I enjoyed the song, but I have to make that point re-known. Music, rap especially, needs balance. If you're out here just listening to one aspect of rap/hip-hop/whatever you want to call it to make yourself feel "cultured" and "transcendent of the 'mainstream'," you're losing out.

That's not to say that every Future song is worth a listen or that Young Thug is actually a competent lyricist. Nor is it saying that people want/need to hear Lupe Fiasco in the club, even though "Lost Generation" could have very well mixed well with some 2010s party rap. I'm just saying there's got to be a friggin' balance. But, back to "No Words."

It works, but only in a MAD TV-type of way. Hopsin's "Ill Mind" series does a far more competent job at destroying people. But, that's just me. It's still a cool video in some aspects.

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