Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Review: Josh Came to the Party

This week's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was...wild and somewhat confusing. It felt like Glee meets R. Kelly meets that one hipster-y comedy musical that escapes my mind meets Afterschool Special on coke. Let's go through some of the main points of the episode in which Rebecca (and Paula) faced her fears.

Rebecca: I finally get it. We're potentially supposed to supposed to dislike her (as she's borderline parody of the manic pixie who wants everyone to like her and everything to come together), but hate ourselves for disliking her (since, even though she's kind of bad quirky, she's still trying to put her best foot forward). Her dad left her and her mother during a kid's party, for Pete's sake. So, daddy issues plus anxiety issues plus Randy Orton Syndrome (hearing voices--in her case, music, her younger self, and other wackiness--in her head) makes Rebecca one hell of a complicated character. If we get more of this Rebecca (one who's honest with herself and others) and less of the "I'm just here to start anew" Rebecca, I can get behind her more. She helped Paula's youngest son maintain his place in his school, so that's a plus-one.

We finally saw Paula's family: After over two episodes of pseudo-build-up, we got to meet Malcolm in the Middle: Breaking Bad Edition. Seriously, her family is kind of jacked-up. Her husband doesn't care about much other than his barbershop quartet group (see, there's the Glee-ness I mentioned), her oldest son has the katana of Afro Samurai, the snark of Ninja Ninja, and none of the cool factor, and her youngest son is Dewey-meets-Lily-meets-Damien. Too bad he doesn't have two dads. To be honest, Paula is one of the only characters I genuinely feel emotions for and not in a hipster-y, ironic sort of way. She's trying to make her family work, keep Rebecca sane/upbeat, and works a dead-end job.

The comedy is still hit-or-miss: From the "I Have Friends" song to the "stack-of-cats" jokes and beyond, there were moments where I laughed out loud (Ms. Hernandez's parkour session, Darryl accidentally getting high off meth, and the ", and that's what counts" speech from Rebecca's neighbor were some of these). However, moments such as the "Face Your Fears" song made me cringe.

The party: Between Josh's #thishouseisonfire (and denial of Valencia's text) and Paula's "let's get some gamblers to be bodies at the party," everything came together. We got a boy band made up of Four Joshes--a moment I laughed pretty heavily at. But, Greg made me hate him even more so.

This entire town is bonkers: Well, there's nothing else I can really say about that point.

So, is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend finally figuring it out? Hell, no. It's still a trainwreck of a show.'s getting to that "guilty pleasure" territory that gains fans and cult followings. Let's see if Rachel Bloom, her writers, and everyone involved in this project can decide if they want to go completely batshit crazy or if they want to reign it in. Because, quite frankly, this show has exhibited that it can't really do both. 

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