@Adele x @RickyRozay - "Hello (Maybach Music Remix)"

Rozay went on his Wale tip on his take of Adele's monster hit "Hello." At first, I was a bit skeptical. Rick Ross never really been known for understating bravado in order to overstate his emotional distress. The closest we've gotten, in my opinion, to "Emotional Rozay"? Songs such as "Thug Cry" from Mastermind or "Live Fast, Die Young" from 2010's Teflon Don. But, he's started to showcase that there's more to him than a "big black nigga with an icy watch." On this revision of "Hello," Rozay opens up as best as a bawse can, even offering apologies for his behavior and jet-setting lifestyle. While he does fall back onto boss opulence, we're seeing a Rick Ross who's maturing with his fanbase--and one who can speak on different topics other than blowing money fast and whatnot. I mean, hell, even Jay Z had to walk away from the gun talk after a while.

This understated remix has me looking forward to Black Market more than I was a couple days ago, I'll be honest.

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