Should We Be Worried?: Three Thoughts About The Terps, Pre-Michigan

It may be time to start getting worried.

...well, many people expected a loss. We just didn't expect one so definitive. The Terps lost 45-6 to West Virginia. Which sucked. Hard. But, things aren't going to get any easier from here on out. So, it's up to the Terps coaching staff to, in the words of Tallahassee from Zombieland (such a classic film in my opinion):

So, how can the Terps keep from being all but embarrassed again, this time at the hand of the Wolverines of Michigan? It's simple...sort of. You see, Caleb Rowe isn't the root of all things suck on the team. But, continuously playing him after he's shown he just can't get it done? That's one of those "insanity is repeating the same thing over and over" situations.

Now, I'm not a football coach. But, at times, it seems that neither is Randy Edsall (sorry, I had to get a dig in; he's a talented guy but he seems...lost at UMD). The Terps need wins--and big/signature ones. Starting a guy who threw four picks against WVU (along with passing for only 67 yards) isn't going to get it done. Depending on Will Likely--who's cooled off somewhat--isn't going to get it done. You've got to think outside of the friggin' box, man!

So, here are three things the Terps could try. Whether or not they'll work, that's on the football gods:

1. START SOMEONE OTHER THAN ROWE: Perry Hills would be a good choice, considering he doesn't have more than double his TD total in interceptions. But, that's just me.

2. START SOMEONE OTHER THAN ROWE: I said it twice, I know. But, it's that important.

3. Try new things: It's obvious that the Terps' gameplans thus far aren't working. Hell, they got destroyed by Bowling Green. So, what should they do? Just run amok and pull every trick out of their black and gold Felix the Cat-like bag of tricks they've got.

Because, quite frankly, they're gonna need every trick they've got if they want to even remotely salvage the season. However, if their tricks are as bad as the movie that this version of the Felix theme came from--shoutout to the Nostalgia Critic for actually making me want to see this movie to see if it was as crap as he said it was (it was)--yeah...

At least basketball season's coming up.

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