Should We Be Worried: Three Thoughts on the Terps, Pre-WVU

Photo Credit: University of Maryland/NCAA

So, in case you forgot, West Virginia University is to Maryland Football what Duke is to Maryland Basketball (yes, even with the new B1G Ten move). Terps fans often look forward to this game with venom in their veins and Natty Boh in their hands, eager to cheer the Black and Gold (never got why Maryland's victory song singled out the "black and gold." I guess "black, red, gold, and white" just takes too much time/brainpower to say when you're half-shwasted off Jungle Juice tailgates).

Anyway, before I look like I'm dumping on my alma mater (too much), let's get into three things Terps fans should look at going into Saturday's showdown in Morgantown.

  1. Caleb Rowe needs to stop throwing picks -- It's easier said than done, I know, especially since I'm typing this and Caleb Rowe is, probably, practicing for the game at this very friggin' moment. However, he's got to get better at reading defenses. He's got to stop forcing plays when they aren't there. Against USF, Rowe got picked off on his first throw. Now, he eventually recovered with four touchdowns. But, that's against three picks. Against USF. Now, against a much-tougher WVU defense (and by "much tougher," I mean these guys somewhat scare people for real, it seems), Rowe's gotta cut the crap out of his passing diet if he wants to lead Maryland to victory.
  2. Keep WVU on defense as much as possible -- Just because they're hard-hitting doesn't mean they're inhuman. These are still young adults we're talking about here. So, if Maryland's defense can shut down WVU's offense and their offense can, in turn, keep drives alive? Maryland may have a chance.
  3. Put faith in your special teams -- Yep. There's not much else I have to say about this one. Just do it. No Shia LaBeouf. Will Likely and his fellow Terp Returners (patent pending) have got to put UMD in good field position. Or else. There's no ifs, ands, or "ionno's" about it.

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