Should We Be Worried: Three Thoughts on the Ravens, Post-Oakland

Photo Credit: AP

Man, I hate it when I'm right. Yesterday, it's as if the Ravens read my preview and said "hey, let's prove SOTB!!! right." Illusions of grandeur aside, the Ravens lost a heartbreaker of a game yesterday to the Raiders, sealed by the second last-second interception of Joe Flacco in as many weeks. The offense seemed to click more (I mean, Steve Smith, Sr. had close to 200 yards receiving), but the defense faltered, leading to the Ravens' first 0-2 start since 2005. But, should Ravens fans be in full-on panic mode? That's where I come in.

  1. This is the first time the Ravens have started 0-2 in the Harbaugh Era -- I stated this in the intro, but it's worth noting that the Ravens have also played against two tougher-than-advertised AFC West teams. Remember, the Raiders may suck, but they also play in a division with Peyton and company. Nevertheless, for the first time in John Harbaugh's tenure, we get to see the coach play from a deeper hole than he's been dealt this early. How he and his coaching staff handle next week's home opener will dictate how the rest of this season goes, especially with the rest of the AFC North catching momentum.
  2. Crockett Gilmore is growing into an exceptional TE -- Now, I'm the first to admit when I'm wrong. But, watching Gilmore play last night, it reminded me of Dennis Pitta, pre-injuries, and Todd Heap, pre-injuries. Essentially, Gilmore played like a classic Ravens TE: bruising, able to get space to get those extra yards, and hands dipped in glue and honey. Plus, this highlight.

  3. The defense has got to "do better" -- Shameless plug from my 2014 album aside, the Ravens' defense has got to show that they're more than Terrell Suggs (even though it's been close to twenty years since the Ravens haven't had either Suggs, Ray Lewis, or Ed Reed on the field for them) Doom has been all but shut out so far. Our backfield is borderline "meh." straight-up ghastly, And the injury to Suggs demoralized the team beyond belief. I'm not so sure if the Ravens will be able to bounce back completely from this injury, but if Crockett Gilmore can turn into a legend overnight, anything's plausible. We'll just have to wait and see. 
The Ravens play their home opener Sunday against the Bengals.

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