First Impression - EA Sports' NBA Live 16 Footage

It's the game which is supposed to revitalize EA's basketball efforts, again. The upcoming NBA Live 16, releasing soon for PS4 and XBOX ONE, features real-to-life visuals (read: the ESPN logo is prominently featured and the presentation seems more realistic than 2K's thus far). But, there's something about this game footage that doesn't leave me in awe, saying "hey, I need a PS4 now to play Live 16."

It's probably that, even though it's a lot better than, say, NBA Live 2014's visuals, some of the game still plays like it's the mid-2000s (mainly the shot fake and layup animations). Now, I understand this is a work in progress recorded in the beginning of the month. But, it should be a bit closer to completion, considering that it's due out in two weeks. I'll wait with bated breath that EA gets it right. I'm thinking about (finally) upgrading to the "current" generation and I want NBA Live to succeed, since 2K's getting on their Madden tip these days.

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