#300WordsorLessReview - @Drake x @1Future: WATTBA

Yesterday, Drake and Future decided to eff around and drop What a Time To Be Alive, an eleven-track album which is pretty much Future featuring Drake.

That's not a bad thing. But it's evident from the first song, "Digital Dash," listeners will experience Drake doing his best FutureHive initiation/impersonation. It works for most of the album, but again, what made Drake Drake gets lost as he tries to be Drizzy Hendrix.

Production-wise, WATTBA features mostly Metro Boomin beats. Subject-wise, it's what Drake and Future do best (strip club anthems, get money anthems, "look at my money, don't mess around and try to take it or you will die," drug trips, etc.) with no real room for experimentation. The Boi-1da and Metro Boomin-aided "Live From the Gutter," for me, has some of the best "anthem" potential from the album.

And then, after the lean's gone, after the strippers've collected money, Drake just snaps on the outro.

Well, "snap" in the sense that Drake spits some more jabs at defectors and haters. Potentially speaking on various situations (Meek, Sauce Walka, etc), Drake shows internal conflict about responding. If he doesn't, he's looked at as a weakling--even though he's got bigger fish to fry and, seemingly, wants to/appears to "go on vacation with no plan of returning." If he does respond, he knows there are bigger things he could talk about. He also speaks on his transformation from "Closer to My Dreams," something we've been seeing a lot more from Drake (discussions about his past music in comparison to his maturing ways now).

Overall, it's Drake and Future together. It is what it is. It'll turn you up, get you in that "get money" mood, make you want some lean (don't do it), and some strippers on your lap.

Final Verdict: Stream (only on Apple Music)
Buy knowing that DS2 is clearly Future's better project this year (and IYRTITL is Drake's).

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