The Case Against Lil' Dicky

I tried to give him a change. But, after listening to him, I've come to the following conclusion. I hate Lil' Dicky.

I think that, as a rapper, he's competent. He even has some decent lines. But, I hate what he represents. Does that make me racist? Eh, that's debatable. I don't hate him because he's white, and while I dislike his actions as a person, I'm pretty sure I don't hate him as a person. I hate his buffoonery which is brought on by his obsession with his whiteness and putting over said whiteness.

Whiteness in hip-hop is always a touchy topic. White rappers are somewhat underrepresented. (Competent) suburban white rappers are even more so. Additionally, there are many hip-hop acts who happen to be white who aren't complete tools that come up and have bars and whatnot. Two examples of this are Vinnie Paz of JMT and AWKWORD. However, they're often ignored because they aren't deemed marketable. Hell, you could almost make the case that many mainstream white rappers are just as bamboozled as the rest of the hip-hop nation. Except for one tiny, minute little detail: They kind of aren't.

They know what the game is and the businesses behind these artists, they funnel in money to blogs, websites, promotions, etc. for these outlets to say "hey, let's play 'Fancy' 5,000,000 times because Iggy Azalea, even though she's fucking ass, her label pays us. Yay payola!" That's not to say that payola doesn't exist for non-white artists, but it's more pronounced with an Iggy Azalea than it is with, say, a Nicki Minaj.

But, back to my original point. Are we, as hip-hop fans and people, in general, we're supposed to sit back and say "oh, ok. It's cool that 'White Dude' exists because he's done songs with Snoop and Snoop's cosign is still worth its weight in gold?" Should we accept this guy's asshole-ish nature just because he has a couple jokes? No. Fuck that. He's a dudebro, through and through, and not even a cool dudebro who actually gets that, even if you're being "sarcastic" and "ironic," you can't be a fuckboy about certain things, such as race.

Per interviews he's done with Noisey and other outlets, he flaunts his accolades for no goddamned reason other than to say "hey, I'm better than you. You need to know it and you need to accept it because I'm not black, or a woman, and it's hard out here for a college-educated ad-exec-turned-rapper. Nigga, I really made it. Fuck you." That's not the type of self-absorbed, self-important, close-minded ignoramus I'd want to represent "white rappers," or rap in general.

That's the type of person, if I were as ignorant as his "sarcasm" points out, I'd like to meet in a dark alley and stomp the piss out off. He's the type of artist college-aged fuckheads smoke a bowl to and discuss his literary excellence because they haven't been exposed to greater things, musically or otherwise.

...I can't even be upset with the guy anymore. I'm more saddened by him than angry. Saddened that people will go and look at this and say "oh, he's so smart. He's willing to take risks that no one else would," thus pushing him higher and higher in the rap echelon. These are trying times we live in. But, it still doesn't excuse the fact that he really comes off as an elitist piece of shit who needs to have a reality check.

Update: For folks looking for reasons why Dicky isn't the worst thing in the world, click this long-ass link.


  1. dude you are an idiot

    1. Michael:

      So, after getting your comment (I've been called worse; just look up some of the crap that's been said about me after I called out Lupe Fiasco haha), I relistened to some of Dicky's stuff. I'm still not the biggest fan of the guy and I probably never will be. I still believe he's one of those beta male dudebros who gets away with their potentially racist and misogynistic buffoonery (and, yes, it's hip-hop. I'm WELL aware that there's a lot of that crap already without even bringing Dicky into the equation) because he's, well, a dudebro with "humor" in his lyrics and a gimmick that's somewhat noticeable.

      With that said, "Oh Well" has, flaws and all, become one of my favorite songs of the year.

      Peace Be With You and Thanks For Reading,
      Speed on the Beat

  2. I agree with you. He's trash.