New Music: RDGLDGRN - Doing The Most (JDVBBS Remix)

Virginia native JDVBBS (pronounced Jay-Dubbs) is a rookie. If this rework of the RDGLDGRN song "Doing The Most" is any indication, you should expect to see more of this young man's work on the site. He took the jam band-y feel of the original, smoothed it out, and turned it on its side. Adding in congo drums, a club-esque tempo, and an overarching synth pattern, DVBBS was able to take a great song, one that some'd suggest should've been left as is, and made it his own without completely eviscerating the fun vibe that's made RDGLDGRN a group to listen to. 

Again, be sure to check out JDVBBS' music over at

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