PA Volume 14: Mother Hubbard is a Tool

PA (short for "Profound Assholes") is a series on where I have a no-punches-pulled conversation with a friend about a hot-button issue (yay cliches!). That friend is usually none other than Drizzle Sez formerly of, who co-created the PA format (go check out his site. It's still live and still kicks much ass to this day). Today, we're talking the Peggy Hubbard video. I won't link to it.

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Speed: So, do you have any thoughts on this Peggy Hubbard video?

Drizzle: (pulls up video and plays for about 25 seconds). I've seen enough. 50 million demons just got horns. I almost said "fuck it" and Twitter ranted, but...

Speed: I almost don't even want to go PA for this. She's like Herman Cain on a hundred. She pretty much said "I put my own nigger coon thug of a son in jail. Fuck all your thugs. Fuck your Black Lives Matter. That other black baby matters more because she was killed--by THUGS! Where's the protests? black on black violence is the cause of all of this, of all the problems in the black community."

If she doesn't get her ignorant ass all the way the fuck out of here, someone may have to slap some sense into her--

Drizzle: Nah, this is a PA. People need to know the "Speed and Drizzle Opinion" (mimics the Law and Order chimes).

Speed: But, let's say this: if she's in the "hood," and some white racist cops--sticking with broad strokes for a reason--start wailing on her, I guess she won't want those thugs in the hood to save her. Fuck her, man.

Drizzle: She got me started, bruh.

First, I'm mad that she's trivializing this little girl's death. I get that it made her emotional. It makes me emotional. But, to throw it on a spectrum like that, to trivialize a young man's death? It's fucked up.

Second, I said it before through PA, and I'll say it again: there's no reason that cops should be held to the same standard as gangs. If the cops are ever compared to gang violence, the U.S. should be alarmed. What's that #blacklivesmatter folks, you're alarmed? Mind. Blown.

Third, bitch is a grandma going on Facebook rants. That's immature and always ends badly. Even coonery expert rappers know that. Even ditzy pop stars know that. Learn from Meek Mill!

Speed: Even Iggy knows when to fall back. She's still a barnacle on a whale's nutsack, but she knows when to fall back.

Drizzle: I'ma pray for her. She's supposed to be the wisdom and shit. She's supposed to be teaching our generation. But, she stays saying fucking dumb shit and making mistakes that so-called "young niggas" don't make! Now, I ain't saying that the black community is issue-free. It's got its share of issues. But, we aren't the most-dangerous race. White people kill each other at a higher rate than BoB violence kills blacks. White people have made up more than three times as many terrorist threats than every other race combined.

Speed: Butbutbut, whites have more people in their race--

Drizzle: Higher rates mean they kill more of each other. But, here's the dinger. White people kill more people of other races worldwide than any other race--despite being a global minority.

Speed: You're making too much sense, Drizzle--dumb it down. You better stop it, Drizzle--dumb it down--

Drizzle: Man, fuck all that! White people scare me. I've seen Alpha Dog. I know what even the rich ones are capable of.

Speed: The real-life Alpha Dog story is probably even more twisted.

Drizzle: Rich, well-educated, "normal" kids. They were white. And that shit happened. But, for real for real--for serious, no play play--white people got all of those negative states and I don't run around plugging them for one reason. I don't judge a whole ethnicity for the evil deeds of some of its members. But, no! Brown skin has been so bastardized, even brown people think other brown people are irredeemable. Now did Peggy Hubbard know Mansur?

I don't know. Maybe. But, she better have known his momma and grandma before she just off and called him a thug.

Speed: True enough. Sticking with this whole thing, thoughts on the B'more mom who whipped her son on national TV during the Gray situation? I never got to ask you.

Drizzle: That's called parenting. Regardless of what her reasoning was, she didn't want her child out there. We need to respect that. But, at the same time, she can't be blamed. She heard what was on the TV and she believed an  army of "thugs" was taking Baltimore and her son was joining them. She blamed her son for being part of the problem she thought existed. She didn't blame the mayor for closing the schools early in the hours leading up to it. She didn't blame the police officers for inciting the riot--

Speed: She blamed the "Purge" that the teenagers "thought up."

Drizzle: Indeed. She did what black parents tend to do. The Man said shit about her kid and she ate it up. White people don't do that. White kids go fucking ballistic at times and their parents will deny, deny, deny--until court time comes. Then, they'll fight tooth and nail.

Speed: Yep. Unless, of course, they manage to take themselves out in the process. Now, mind you, Drizzle--and audience--I don't want white people to start killing themselves after heinous crimes. Nor do I think that it's only a white issue. That fucker in Virginia reminded us of that all too well. But, some of these people, in my mind, become unsalvageable pieces of crap who should've been put on the couch versus you-know-where.

Mental health is an issue. Shit, I'm bipolar myself. But, it shouldn't be used as an excuse, a crutch, for this sort of behavior. But, getting back on topic, black parents seem more likely--perhaps they've been institutionalized to believe so--to say "hey, I don't give a fuck if my kid is autistic with borderline personality disorder. He's a thug because White America said so"--

Drizzle: Now, kids aren't unsalvageable. The difference is that certain kids think they can get away with anything--

Speed: And then go and blame it on "oh, he called me a bad name. So, I shot him and sexually assaulted his girlfriend."

Drizzle: Yeah. It's a shame. But...I'm the thug because the cop beat me.

Speed: Or, I'm the thug because I'm black.

Drizzle: She took her "thug" son to jail. Do you believe a ruling-class white American would do that?

Speed: No. I think they'd try to hid him away.

Drizzle: Now her son has a criminal record because she thought he was a thug. She all but ruined his life.

Speed: But, she doesn't see it that way. She thought she was "helping" him by having him bend over for the P.I.C. (prison-industrial complex).

Drizzle: Even the boy who got whooped by his uncle on Facebook can bounce back. But, she fucked around and made her son a statistic...

Speed: She deserves several seats.

Drizzle: I'ma need some prayer warriors for this woman. She fucked her own family. I wouldn't trust her word on my kids ever. She probably believes everything would be better if black people stopped killing each other. I mean, yeah. That'd be great! But, then, how would that stop cops? If black people killing other black people is the problem in the black community, then why are white officers fearing for their lives?

I hope she gets her life together.

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