PA Vol. 10: Am I A Psycho?

PA (short for "Profound Assholes") is a series on where I have a no-punches-pulled conversation with a friend about a hot-button issue (yay cliches!). That friend is usually none other than Drizzle Sez formerly of, who co-created the PA format. We strive to "piss you off and make you think." So, today, we're talking vidya games

Speed: So, this weekend, right? I catharted. It was the first birthday weekend since my mom died and figured "why the fuck not?" I blew people's heads off in Fallout and watched some more of Trigun. Kind of the antithesis of each other in some ways. But afterwards, instead of waking up regretting a woman who I'd randomly fucked raw or something, I woke up mostly refreshed.

So, it got me thinking. It got me thinking about video games and the "M"-rating. Am I a sociopath because I play GTA and Fallout and those sorts of games, finding out ways to completely mindfuck the system they've put in place?

Drizzle: You're not a sociopath. You're a human with basic human emotions.

Speed: Go on.

Drizzle: Shooting people in a Rockstar game is cathartic. Shooting people in real life is sociopathic. For instance, it wouldn't surprise me if black people--i,e., me--are loading up San Andreas to kill cops as a black man.

Speed: (sarcastically) Butbutbut--what about the studies that showcase that killing people in games causes aggression? I personally call bullshit on those. After I run through San Andreas, mow down a couple hundred people, and cause probably a billion dollars in property damage--along with the entire police fleet? I feel fine.

Drizzle: With a beer, too? Fuckin' great.

Speed: I don't necessarily want to kill cops in real life. Unless they're of that shoot the negros first, ask questions later, because "niggerdom" variety. Then, fuck those guys. In the face. With a double-barreled sawed-off.

Drizzle: My leg was broken by police. GTA might have been what stopped me from actually declaring war. So, you care. Hence, you don't go actually stretch people out. People who don't play and say "no one should" and actively try to stop people who do play? They are wayyyy more aggressive than people who shoot 'em up digitally. Wasn't that the plot of the South Park movie?

Speed: A thing of excellence.

Drizzle: Still a classic. But, I'm not saying they'll go full-scale war. But, damn if they ain't always angry.

Speed: True. Same with people who deny sex without other outlets, from personal experience.

Drizzle: People who are "anti"-anything aren't really at peace, by definition.

Speed: True. Nor will they ever really be at peace. Why? They're too busy trying to prove they're above something that they end up losing their humanity. Also, they're just stupid.

Drizzle: Well, anti is "negative" by definition. Negativity can't create. Humans are chaos factors, so much potential for good and evil. Peace can only exist in chaos if it is created. Can't destroy your way to peace.

Speed: So, then we're getting to another issue. Some of these folks are just plain unimaginative.

Drizzle: No. Negativity begets negativity. Now, that sounds like an argument for the "video games are bad, mmmkay" argument. But, negativity begotten on pixels is different on negativity on people. Digital is digital. Reality is real-life. I'm saying you're more balanced for your Gorefest 3000 on PS9000 than people who say said game is evil.

Speed: Agreed. I'd rather take out my anger and rage in a form where I'm going through a digital gorefest versus completely snapping and doing it in real-life. Because that doesn't help anyone.

Drizzle: Well, telling anyone that they are wrong because it's your opinion is wrong. If someone says "2+2=7" is wrong, that's fine. But, if I tell you not to do push-ups because I think you shouldn't? That's wrong. In essence, they can fuck outta my business and get the fuck off my dick.

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