@DejLoaf - "You Don't Know Me" (Prod. @dds825)

Well, looks like someone awoke "Try Me" Dej again. "You Don't Know Me," another collaboration with frequent producer DDS, takes aim at, well, everyone. After, for me, she stumbled a bit on her #AndSeeThatsTheThing EP, she comes back with flame. "I hate interviews, they ask the same questions" is a line which stuck out to me the most, since, as an interviewer and an artist myself, I can attest that many people ask the same questions (who are you, what you rep, how's the new project, etc.). Thankfully, I tend to stay away from the fluffy B.S.

Shameless plug, Dej. If you want a real interview, hit me up. I bite my tongue for no one.

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