#300WordsorLess Review: Money Mark of @TeamMoMoneyENT - #Back2TheLabVol3

I love when artists seemingly sound out of place in today's music scene, but still manage to carve their own niche and path within it. DMV artist Money Mark's #Back2TheLabVol3 is a project that's part middle-school (read: early 2000s) hip-hop with its Dipset-era boisterousness on production, part-"real rap," and 100% honest.

The twenty-track project (including skits, something of a lost art these days) features something for every sort of listener. You've got your boombap, your freestyles, your hardbody tracks, and so on. But, the strengths of the tape can be viewed as its downfall.

Because it's more of an old-school take on rap, with skits and all, it suffers because a twenty-track project usually keeps its audience's full attention for about 2/3 of that time. The skits which appear before tracks--or as track themselves--they keep you invested in the story Money Mark presents (that of a young man who's finally making his way back into the booth to drop some fire while his family and friends cheer him on and the like). However, I also found them slightly distracting in the sense that I'm in a groove with songs and then there's a voicemail. 

Mix-wise, the project--probably because it was recorded over the past three years--has its share of hiccups. But, I'm of the school of thought that if it's legitimately awe-inspiring, the mixing is allowed to be a bit off. Plus, you know, lo-fi and no-fi are/were my specialty, so I'm not the snobbiest of audiophiles. 

Ultimately, though, the project is a bit too long, especially with the bonus tracks. The project is worth a stream at the very least. But I'd expect listeners to skip the skits and/or the bonus tracks after a listen or two.

Final Verdict: Stream (Buy/Bandcamp Link Here)

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