Why I'm (Still) Team 360

The Xbox 360 released on November 22, 2005. When released, it was viewed as the new, new ish. Everyone and their mom wanted one, since it came out a year before the PS3 and, while it didn't have Blu-Ray capabilities (HD-DVD is something that I laugh at to this very day), it had Halo and Project Gotham and other Triple A titles that were big in those early few years.

Ten years later, I still haven't moved onto the next generation. At first, it was a bit of a money thing. I'll be honest: when you're thinking about your kids, making sure that your insurance is paid, and a $500 system and you just started a job at its release date? If you're out there getting the Xbox One or PS4, I'd look at you funny. But, eventually, I started looking back at the games on 360. Between 2008 and 2011, there were some that I'd missed because I bricked, like, three 360s with the RROD and I went with the Sony product which--ironically enough--YLODed in 2011.

Now, not all of the exclusive games were good. Hell, most just made me shake my head. But, it's still something a bit more natural about playing CoD on a 360. When I finally make the jump (I'm going back to Sony, but still love all games), I'm assured it's different. But, for now, just let me enjoy my Fallout 3 replay with my WWE 2K14 create-a-wrestlers and my Madden NFL 25 career mode where I've already broken most of Brett Favre's records. I'll be with the current-gen soon enough.

My GamerTag is JDotSpeed, if you must know. Damn UMD rap names.

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