The Dez Bryant Issue

Photo/GIF Credit: Business Insider and FOX Sports

Ok, so I tend to keep my sports-related posts to pretty much any of the other sites I write for. However, I figured I might as well put my two cents into the well of opinions on the Dez Bryant situation. In case you've been sleeping under a Redskins*-colored flag for the past couple weeks, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has been in something akin to a contract dispute with Dallas. He wants more money, they're not giving it to him. So...he's holding out until he gets what he wants and feels he's deserved.

Now, years ago, I probably would've called an athlete like Bryant spoiled, played armchair GM, told him he should suck it the fuck up, and move on. However, I thought about it. What if I, in a typical nine-to-five, put in exceptional work that surpassed my contemporaries and put me in the company of, for instance, my CEO? When my annual review came around, I wouldn't just take what the company gave me just off the strength of loyalty or what have you. I'd want what I was owed. Yes, it's that "millennial sense of entitlement" bullshit people love to bitch about, but it's true. People are tired of working and working and exceeding expectations, then getting pennies on the dollar of what they're worth.

The difference between Dez and Joe Schmuck in accounting is this. While they both have a grievance, Dez Bryant is a brand. While he is replaceable, what he brings to a team isn't. At least not right away. Now, I could get into the screwed up logic behind athletes getting nine-figure contracts (even though the case can be made for them deserving every penny for putting their lives on the line to score points), but one issue at a time. Bryant is a brand--a big, pretty sure-handed receiving brand at that. So, it'd be smart to nip this issue in the bud now before it becomes a hassle for anyone involved, including the fans.

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