Bryce Harper or Mike Trout? (Or "And Where Does that Leave Manny?")

It's an argument that's raged since both of these men were still boys. It's one that's picked up in recent months, since Harper has turned into Super Bryce and Mike Trout is, well, Mike Trout. So, to add another hat into the ring, who's better? Bryce or Mike?

Manny Machado. Seriously, in some ways. But, we'll get into Manny later.

Between the duo of Trout and Harper, I'd have to say that Trout is a better player now.

However, Bryce is showing that he will be a better player tomorrow, if only by a few percentage points here and there.

This season, he's been just obliterating the ball. As of the All-Star Game, his slash-line is .339/.464/.704. That's legendary territory, considering that some of the only people who've even come close to an OPS of that magnitude are Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams. Inversely, Trout's numbers, while slightly lower in some categories, are quite similar. So, again, they're pretty much showcasing that they're either:

  1. Potentially two of the greatest players to grace the diamond in the post-steroid era (yeah, I'm going that far)
  2. Terminators sent from the future to destroy what we conventionally thought of when we thought of baseball and baseball greatness

So, if Manny is better in some ways, but Bryce and Mike seem to be better overall in many ways, where does that leave Mr. Machado? Is he just going to be lost in the shuffle? Will he be the Derrek Lee and/or Torii Hunter to Bryce/Mike's A-Rod?

No. Not at all. For starters, Machado is of the same cloth as the other two names mentioned. Derrek Lee and/or Torii Hunter, as great as they were, were still different players than A-Rod. Additionally, he's already shown his glove in ways even Harper and Trout--believe it or not--haven't. Plus, Manny seems like he's taken maturation levels with Bryce Harper. He isn't that guy from 2013, where fans were wishing he would, well, grow the hell up. Maybe it was the injuries that rattled him to the point where he woke up, or maybe it was "because, reasons." But, either way, Machado, Harper, and Trout represent what's good about baseball these days: young men who, even if they have "dudebro" tendencies, have pretty good intentions and play the game at a caliber typically unseen.

Besides, Manny, what he may lack in accomplishments when compared to Harper and Trout, makes up for it in his own twist on the Oriole Way.

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