#300WordsorLess Review - @DeJLoaf - #AndSeeThatsTheThing

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Last year, we were (re)introduced to Detroit artist Dej Loaf through her smash single "Try Me." However, like most artists who popped up over the past two years, many wondered if the former full-blown "backpacker" could duplicate her successes. After a string of features, we get her newest EP, #AndSeeThatsTheThing. Part of Dej's appeal is that she looks "sweet," but spits shit that will, well, "turn a nigga head to pasta." This is added to her use of Auto-Tune-aided sing-songy lyrics over spaced-out instrumentals. In some ways, she's like a female answer to Future, but different enough that people don't just put them together as one type of style.

This six-track EP gives us more of that winning formula, but with more of the "spitting." The subject matter (hustling, getting money, growing up still, sexual energy, etc.) shows maturity, mainly because Dej Loaf sounds more and more confident delivering her lyrics. However, the subject matter is also a point of contention because while she's sounding more mature, her lyrics have a bit of room to grow. 

The album's "bangers," however, are collaborations. For instance, "Back Up," featuring Big Sean has the right amount of "stripper bounce" and "fuck out my face" energy. "Hey There," featuring Future, is raunchy and sexual as hell--Future's bread and butter. But, instead of Future dominating the song, both artists compliment each other. That's what places Dej Loaf ahead of some of her contemporaries: she can actually hang with more established artists instead of shirking under pressure. But, again, she's got room to grow as well. It'll be interesting to see her journey, though.

Standout Tracks: "Back Up" and "Butterflies" (mainly because of its approach)

Final Verdict: Stream

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