#300WordsorLess Review - @1Future: #DS2

Newly-single Future returns with Dirty Sprite 2, a full-length sequel to his 2011 mixtape. Instead of going completely cuckoo bananas with the feels, Future dranks, sexes, and hustles his problems away over an eighteen-song collection. And, I've got to say: I'm pleasantly surprised (something that's happened a lot recently with Future's work). Shutterstock "controversy" aside, let's get into the review.

Now, as many have said, we don't go to Future for "Jansport rap." This is true. And Future doesn't hide it, thankfully, by trying (and failing) to be overly deep--at least on the surface level. Knowing this, he seemingly exploits the conventions of "drug rap" to, instead of completely glorifying it, showcase its numbing effects. As I mentioned in my "Best Breakup Albums" piece for DefineARevolution.com, Future becomes Trap Weeknd on this album.

He engages in sex with "real sisters," he pops Xans and M's, he fucks (up some commas), and he repeats. There seems to not be a completely sober moment on this album. But, he showcases a dark vulnerability, an "I'm teetering between 'Future Hendrix' and actual Jimi Hendrix circa 1970." Now, that's not to say that Future's going to go the way of the great Jimi. However, this album exhibits a lot of growth for an artist whose music mostly consists of trunk-rattling, chant-inducing, turn-up music. Even on anthem songs such as "Trap Niggas" and the aforementioned "Commas," there's something more sinister within Future's music. It's less "happy," less "optimistic." This is, essentially, Future's Rumours, minus, y'know, the Fleetwood Mac part.

Final Verdict: Stream, then buy. There's worse "turn up" music you can listen to.

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