Not-So Social Media Take Four: Has Social Media Ruined The Idea of Marriage? (Counterpoint)

By Drizzle Sez

The following is an op-ed. It also serves as a counterpoint to my post earlier today about social media and its implications on dating and explores an aspect of social media I haven't exactly touched on: narcissism. Also, as much as he'll give you the side eye, follow Drizzle at @DrizzleSez. He's not active much, because fuck social media, but he still doles out wisdom.

Has social media ruined relationships, marriage, and pretty much humanity as we know it? Yes. Why? It's so simple. People need to stop being narcissistic. Stop believing the world give a shit about what you had for breakfast or what your political views are. Even if people DO care, in the long run? It just don't matter. Take your best friend and, without looking at a screen, tell me what they posted a week ago. Better yet, can you tell me what you were talking about a week ago? You can't? Well, that's tweeded up.

Now, sharing is cathartic. And if that's how you cathart, then cathart your ass off. But it's the caring about other people and their opinions that fucks shit up.

Imagine dating a girl who listens to her friends [who always complain about their lack of a "good man"] about your relationship. First, why take relationship advice from people who can't hold relationships. That's stupid. Second, with social media, you can take those girlfriends and add in every idiot who decides to comment into the mix. What? Staci says I should treat you better? But you ain't talk in person since sixth grade but now her opinion matters because of a like or a comment? Fuck outta here.

Then, we hit the growing trend of social media-induced depression (which, as the link shows, isn't that new of a concept). There are people who think the grass is greener "over there." Back when social media wasn't as rampant, "over there" was limited to what's immediately visible (the girl in the leggings with the big ass, for example). With social media, "over there" is Earth. Not just here, not just there. Earth. Six-to-seven-billion people have the potential to become your new soulmate.

People start comparing their sig fig to motherfuckers they've never even met. Vic gave Karen a diamond. I know Vic. He fucks on anything with a skirt. So, it's probably an apology piece. See where I'm going?

And finally, there's the destruction of actual communication. First, no one will truly learn shit about Drizzle or Speed on the Beat as human beings off no computer screen. Quirks and idiosyncracies don't translate as well when you're just reading shit. Which brings me to point two: when you read typed words, you do it in your own voice. So, even if the person's real, you're still fictionalizing them. Third, going back to the whole relationship aspect? Most attraction is fucking aesthetic and most communication is non-verbal. Oh, that girl you've been talking to on OKC is BAE but you haven't actually talked in person yet or even, y'know, offline? Enjoy your computer attraction.

So, in closing, narcissism leads to oversharing. When you share your life with everyone online, what's the point of sharing it with one person? Relationships, marriage, etc., they lose their significance because of this narcissism.

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