300 Words or Less Review - @BrainRapp and @PeachBaggies - Elevator Music

A couple months back, Brain Rapp indicated he was finishing his collaborative project with Nature Boi. Fast forward to today, and the "boombap with a little bit of trap" project Elevator Music debuts. From the intro "Hello," we're introduced (or re-introduced) to Brain and Nature, who approach the project with a quiet seriousness that's supplemented by both artists' often tongue-in-cheek lyrics. There's not much "I'm the shit"-talking here, and when the shit talking flies, it's still left to be realistic--both within the confines of the album and within the confines of reality. Nature's DITC-times-three production style gives the album a freshness while still allowing listeners to live in their musical comfort zones. 

"The Shit," featuring Ezko and Jake Sinatra, goes back to that "boombap meets trap" feeling (with some shit-talking). We're given some "trap tropes" that are subverted just off of the strength of the fact that the artists don't exaggerate. All featured artists flow effortlessly over the bouncy, driving instrumental cooked up by Nature in a track which should definitely get some airplay at some point.

As mentioned, the album's ability to take not-just-party-rap topics, make them accessible and sometimes a bit funny, and still have the intended feeling behind the lyrics is its strong suits. It's, thankfully, an album that isn't too serious (nor does it take itself too seriously). And, the way Brain and Nature mesh so effortlessly reminds me of some of the legendary duos of hip-hop. 

Final Verdict: Buy and Stream

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