Thoughts on the State of WWE

Now, usually, I leave my wrestling thoughts to my Eyes on the Ring posts. However, because I'm lazy and I'm already logged in over here, I might as well drop some knowledge. Or, at least some knowledge-based opinion.

The WWE is, obviously, at a crossroads.

Older talent (John Cena, Randy Orton, etc.) are, well, getting older. Newer talent (Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, etc.) are either getting injured and having their careers questioned, leaving to fight in UFC, or being underutilized and constantly put with female mouthpieces to make them into a Dirk Diggler meets Val Venus ripoff--despite the fact that they're mainstream over. But, I digress. With this pseudo-influx of uncertainty, one has to wonder where does that leave the WWE?

With talents such as Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and the NXT crew (especially Kevin Owens), the WWE is, actually, in a better spot than they were when the Batistas and Edges and HBKs started to leave in the beginning of this decade. During that time, you pretty much had Cena and Orton left as the top guys. And, let me tell you. Seeing Cena and Orton face off week in, week out, until one of them went to face Big Show/Mark Henry/random heel-or-face-of-the-month here? It was exhausting and turned me off from wrestling just when I was getting back into it. With this newer crop of talent, it seems that you can all but plug them in (Roman Reigns included, even though he still isn't the best in-ring, promo-wise, etc.), tell them "go forth and curbst--I mean, beat the crap out of your opponents and get over," and they will (for the most part).

A testament of faith WWE has with this "New New Generation" is
the fact that Owens is facing Cena for the US Title at Elimination
 without having a single main roster match prior to.

However, that's not to say that the New New Generation (no Lauren London) is without its flaws. For starters, NXT, as awesome as it is, is run akin to an ROH or PWG. With that in mind, some gimmicks that get over with the indie-esque crowds of NXT, they fall flat on the main roster (see Adam Rose, Emma, and The Ascension, and others for examples). Neville and Sami Zayn have been two exceptions, but that's because they already come with fanbases. But, the Roses et al, they don't. And that tends to hurt those types because because the main roster's fans are more casual than NXT. They've been conditioned to be more accepting of the old tropes of "bland babyface promos" and "chickenshit heels." So, when you have an Adam Rose come up looking like a mix between the 1980s party scene and Aldous Snow, people will (perhaps rightfully so) shit on the gimmick. Why? Because they're not given the opportunity to understand "outside the box" on a regular basis.

With Triple H and company behind the current crop, I believe that we will start seeing more Finn Balors and Kevin Owenses and Seth Rollinses. We will start seeing more homegrown talent mixed in with international superstars. We will see matches like Cena versus Owens with no real warning (one thing that's come from Cena's Open Challenge is that main roster fans get to see the NXT guys). We will see a former NXT champion win The Big W. So, as fans, we have to do one thing.

If you're not already on board, adapt or (the WWE could potentially at some point down the line) perish.

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