A SOTB!!! Q&A with Sexy Sapphire

At SpeedontheBeat.com, I strive to highlight individuals who are doing the damn thing in ways that aren't as conventional--but still get the job done. Today, I had the honor of setting up an interview with a budding adult performer based in my own backyard of Baltimore. Her name is Sexy Sapphire and don't let the idea of doing adult videos and whatnot throw you. She's got her hands in many different pots. So, without any further ado, let us delve into the world of the woman who is known as "B'more's Jewel" (Ed. Note: As with every interview on SpeedontheBeat.com, I allow my interviewees to speak their mind. I don't censor, regardless on my own opinions on an issue. It's one of the things that I feel makes me and the people I interview different from other interviewers/interviewees).

Speed on the Beat: For those who are unaware, could you give the readers a bit of insight into who you are?

Sapphire: I'm  Sexy Sapphire. In the last 8 years I've been a model, web cam girl, phone sex operator, amateur adult video starlet, writer, promoter and more. I have been able to seamlessly transition to many areas of the online entertainment business.

SOTB!!!: What got you into doing adult films and the like?

SS: I've always been an exhibitionist. I used to play on webcam for free when they became popular and a fan of my photos contacted me one day and told me I could get paid doing what I loved anyway by webcamming. I looked into it and thought it was perfect for me. Eventually I talked My  boyfriend into performing with me.

SOTB!!!: What was it like your first time on camera?

SS: My first time on camera was fun and easy--because I was with My actual boyfriend. We used cameras we set up at home. It was exciting.

SOTB!!!: You've been described as Baltimore's hottest fetish performer. How'd you get into fetish performances, and what are some of the fetishes you prefer?

SS: I've  always been into the "weirdest" things especially BDSM. I love bondage, pain, and feet especially. When I got into the adult entertainment field, I was shocked to learn that these things weren't weird at all.

SOTB!!!: I've seen a good portion of your work. Do you prefer solo cam or being on camera with someone else?

SS: I really enjoyed having a partner. But, I refuse to sleep around and I have no interest in mainstream porn. So, the only guys I've performed with during the five years I made XXX videos were my actual 2 boyfriends. Same guys over and over.

SOTB!!!: You mentioned you do private calls. Do you get a lot of people calling trying to have sex with you, and does it honor you that they're that forthcoming or does it turn you off a bit?

SS: No I get a lot of callers who share their fantasies and  enjoy talking to me. I  also get some that just love to hear me queef personally or moan in their ears. I never have gotten a call from a fan asking to actually sleep with me.

SOTB!!!: What's the craziest gift you've gotten from a fan?

SS: I've gotten many crazy gifts from fans but the weirdest gift was also the sweetest gift. My #1 fan is a homeless man who lives in California. One day, I tweeted I was cold and he told me to look for something in the mail. I was shocked a few days later when a leather jacket arrived in the mail. He is homeless and I know it wasn't an easy gift.

SOTB!!!: Last performance question: do you tend to get more comments like "you should be doing this" from men or from women?

SS: Men for sure. But, if we did all they wanted, we'd be cum covered pretzels (laughs).

SOTB!!!: You also write, I've noticed. How has that been going these days? Any new books on the way?

SS: I'm currently working on two books, one is finished and the other barely started. I plan to put out a book of erotic stories this year and I'm currently working on a memoir about my last eight years as Sexy Sapphire and how it's affected me.

SOTB!!!: How'd the Nyomi Banxxx interview come about?

SS: Actually I've been writing for 86 Blvd, the magazine the interview was in, since its very first issue. To date, my writing has appeared in every single issue. Being in the adult entertainment field, I think the editor chose me to interview Nyomi because he saw my diverse talent as a writer and knew that I would do my best to show the public who she really was.

SOTB!!!: What's harder: performing, an interview, or writing a piece of fiction?

SS: Performing is harder for me for sure. Writing is second nature for me, it's the thing I do most naturally. Speaking is almost the same. I love to talk and  have no problem with interviews but performing? It means I HAVE to please.

That  kind of pressure can be scary.

SOTB!!!: As a fellow Baltimorean, what are your thoughts on the Freddie Gray case? Do you think justice will be served or do you see the charges as a formality to, as some would put it, the inevitable dismissal of these charges?

SS: I was excited to see charges brought up against the officers for the simple fact that  any average Baltimorean would have been arrested if under the same suspicion. I think justice will be served as long as they  get a fair trial. Justice is truth, not necessarily what you want to hear and people have to be prepared for that. I  don't believe 6 people murdered that man. But, if they were average Baltimoreans it would be conspiracy to commit murder you know.

SOTB!!!: When people, in instances like Trayvon Martin and Freddie Gray, bring up "black on black crime" stats or misinterpreted stats about how white people are killed more by police, what do you say to them?

SS: I say that crime has always existed. In neighborhoods where you have a predominately black demographic, of course you will have more black-on-black crime. However, that doesn't  negate the fact that  black men especially are being killed at a large rate for being black. In it unfathomable that a man died in police custody for selling cigarettes.

Where is his due process, his jury trial?

SOTB!!!: Do you think that black on black crime is the issue that needs addressing, or is it more the result of a bigger problem? Like, do you think black people kill black people because they are, as the media would put it, "thugs." Or do you think it's more evidence of the systematic destruction of the black individual through making them feel like they need to be aggressive or something of that line of thought?

SS: Crime needs to be addressed. Black on Black crime is a result of living in a black neighborhood. In more diverse neighborhoods, you have a mixture of type crimes as well as who commits them. I think the more we act like black on  black crime is the big problem, we ignore the real problem. Some people are criminals and some are good people. We  need  tougher penalties for bad people, black, white or purple. We need real opportunities for oppressed people and neighborhoods. Maybe  less thefts [would occur] if people can afford their  own. It's not the crime that's the problem, it's the necessity of the crime. Eliminate the need and lock up those who are bad just to be bad.

SOTB!!!: What are your thoughts on situations like what happened with Mya Hall?

SS: I am sad to hear of any death at the hands of police. However in this instance I had a hard time faulting the police. There are those who say  don't break the law and the police aren't a problem, we all know it isn't always true but in  a case like this one, following the law would have saved their lives. I'm not sure how they got on that road but I've driven past it many times, not only is it clearly marked but they had to knock down a row of cones to go past them. They knew they were wrong. Even worse to hear that the car was stolen and they had robbed a citizen. I can't call foul in a case like this.

SOTB!!!: Switching gears here, to some lighter affair, I also see on your site you host artists' work. How can artists potentially get their work featured on your site?

SS: Yes that's on My new website, it's a talent promotion and resource guide. www.sapphirespotlightontalent.com. I'm looking for artists of all types, written word, painters, musicians, dancers and more. Submit to sapphirespotlightontalent@gmail.com or directly through the website.

SOTB!!!: As we're closing out, what are some of your musical tastes?

SS: Myself, I like r&b, pop and classical music. Also, some hip hop as well.

SOTB!!!: Where can readers check out your clips or thoughts?

SS: Any one of the following links.


SOTB!!!: Do you have any last thoughts, words of wisdom, shoutouts, etc.?

SS: My mom told me I'd never be anything, My peers told me I was too short, too skinny, too ugly, but everything anyone denies me? I go get it and flaunt it. Never let anyone steal your dreams. Anything is possible, I know. I'm proof

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