300 Words of Less Review: @RavenFelix - "ME"

SpeedontheBeat.com mainstay Raven Felix returns with a new cut (h/t FADER), "ME." Part-love oneself anthem, part early-summer turn up jam, "ME" gets most of its energy from the bouncy, synth-heavy production and Raven's carefree, Auto-Tuned flow. She gives no fucks about a hater, nor about how lines like "kiss it like I was your idol/kiss it like I was your Bible" may both go over heads and smack her audience in the face. And, truthfully, that's the type of youthful energy that's needed in hip-hop. I've heard people around the internet that Raven may eventually end up in XXL in the next couple years. If she can keep her buzz up, keep improving as an artist, and not fall off, I could see it. Plus, Raven's overall message (not giving a fuck about "them," but worrying about living your life and doing you) is one I've respected since I came across the then-seventeen-year-old Snoop protege about two years ago

Verdict: Keep your eyes on Raven (and not just for the sexiness).

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