@SirElijahBlake x @DeJLoaf - "I Just Wanna (Remix)"

Elijah Burke is an artist you should know. And, no, I'm not just saying that because other outlets have said such. Since I first heard dude do the chorus on "Presidential" off of GFID, I was like "oh, aight. He writes and he sings. He's gonna make some moves." Fast forward to today and we've got what seems destined to be his first "major" hit, the Dej Loaf-assisted "I Just Wanna" remix. 

It features a sentiment anyone can vibe with after a crazy week, "I just wanna get fucked up" and contains some pretty sultry, albeit standard-esque, lines such as "you movin' dem lips, but not on this [dick]" and "sit your pretty ass on this bed/make that 'V'-shape with your legs." Dej and Elijah compliment each other quite well, as we're also seeing Dej finding her niche in some ways ("gangsta" Rap & B, typically aided by some alcohol, with some "Try Me" vibes still mixed in for good measure). 

However, there is one blight for me on this track: the overly Auto-Tuned section at the end of Dej's verse. While it reminds me of Jodeci. It also reminds me of some of the worst parts of MDBTF-era Kanye. So, that's both good and kind of overkill concurrently. But, overall, the song is something you'd play if you're trying to get fucked up with that special someone--even if she's only that special someone for the night.

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