300 Words or Less Review: Young Thug - Barter 6

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So, last Thursday, we were given the most controversial, most thought-provoking album (screw everything else: it's an album, just like IYRTITL is an album) this year that isn't named To Pimp a Butterfly. The sarcasm is strong in this one. If you're going into this album expecting some sort of savant moments that crown Thugger as the newest GOAT, you'll be disappointed--fan or otherwise. It's got two types of tracks: the spaced-out "I'll smoke something to this and still put my middle finger up to you" tracks, such as "Constantly Hating" (which is, oddly, a decent enough intro) and the more aggressive Migos-flow-needing beats.

Overall, the album is a rinse and repeat from the tracks that brought people into the fold. There aren't really any moments like "Stoner" or "Two Bitches (Danny Glover)" that made me personally want to go get turned, but different strokes. There were tracks that were something I’d rock with in a mix, but that’s kind of it.

If you like Young Thug, stream it and wait for his “real” debut before you cop. If you're not a fan, don't waste your time. If you’re in the middle ground, check out the intro track, the Young Dolph aided “Never Had It,” the outro track (Thug’s flow kind of goes in, even though it’s pretty much a conflation of Auto-Tune Wayne’s flow with more melody versus Wayne just not giving a fuck and Auto-Tuning everything).

Final verdict: Stream it.

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