An SOTB!!! Q&A with Melody Kush

We at (read: me, since I run this place on my own) pride ourselves on giving you the best alternative looks at artists that we can. So, when I came across model Melody Kush, I knew that I had to try and set up an interview with her. Finally, after a few botched attempts on my part (blame the Google), we were able to set it up. So, let us enter into a world of positive vibes, big booty, and smoke-filled rooms and get to know her in a way that only SOTB!!! can present. Like my Bailey Paige interview, this one will get NSFW, so hide ya kids and hide ya wives if you're not ready for that sort of thing. I am, however, within my Google rights, since these are meant to display artistic representation of the female body and all that awesome legal stuff.

SOTB!!!: Where are you from?

Melody: Born on the west coast! Vancouver, BC. I ended up in Ottawa for awhile when my family moved there when I was younger. I eventually gravitated towards Montreal and moved here on my own when I turned 18, 'cuz Montreal is pretty much perfect.

SOTB!!!: Can you give me a bit of an insight as to where the "Kush" part of your name came from? Is it just because of the kush or is it also a play on words of sorts?

Melody: Melody Kush is for my 2 loves: my love of music, and my love of weed :) No play on words, just a pure, honest representation of myself.

SOTB!!!: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be and why would you use them?

Melody: I reached out to my fans on Twitter to help me with this one. The 3 that came back most often (or variations of) are:

Colorful, genuine, friendly.

I would have to agree with them, and it’s nice to see that people see you as you see yourself. When they say colorful, pretty sure we’re talking about my personality as well as my style. Color evokes emotion and I feed off that. Colors & emotions are what ignite the creative process in my brain.

Genuine, ‘cuz if I wasn’t fully myself online, I wouldn’t do what I do. I think I’m successful in great part because I’m not afraid to be who I am.

Friendly, ‘cuz I believe you should always treat someone how you would like to be treated. Sometimes I get walked on all over, but it’s a small price to pay for good karma :)

SOTB!!!: What would you say are your three greatest assets, and why?

Melody: If I HAD TO decide, I guess it’d be my eyes, my skin, and my overall personality. Although, I think most would argue that my ass should be on that list. I am very thankful for my bright green eyes and my natural lashes. I also rarely have any skin issues, which is something girls often tell me they’re jealous of :P I don’t think just anyone could do what we cam girls do, it takes a winning personality to really succeed. I consider myself to be very lucky.

SOTB!!!: How'd you get your start camming, modeling and all?

Melody: I’ve always been an exhibitionist, but I got serious about it when I met Ariel Rebel. We met working in a skate clothes shop back in 2004-2005. That turned into a romantic relationship which flourished into a business relationship that we are still involved in today.

We began doing shoots together and I eventually started my own erotic blog in 2010, just for fun, and so Ariel’s fans could get to know me as I was a regular occurrence in her personal world, and on her website. I finally decided I wanted my own website after years of getting my feet wet, so I turned to camming in 2012. This has given me the flexibility of schedule to be able to take time off and shoot for my upcoming website,, but that decision didn’t come easily.

It’s hard to let go of “real life” and plunge into the depths of the adult industry. If you’re not fully committed, you likely won’t succeed and might end up with regrets. So I waited until I was ready.

SOTB!!!: This is kind of a unique question, but do you have a favorite session or scene? Like, is one you go back to, watch, and say to yourself, somewhat lustily, "Damn, I look good here?"

Melody: (Laughs) Well I do I have fav photosets for sure. I’ve been mainly a photo model these last few years and have only recently gotten serious about video for my website. Buuuut, I will say that I look good giving head (laughs). My first blow job video is a top-seller, for sure. No one likes how they look on camera (laughs)

SOTB!!!: Sorta true, yeah.

Melody: But, if you don’t watch yourself, how will you know what to work on? :) I just can’t watch too often cuz sometimes the more I watch something, the uglier it gets. I’m a big fan of the first impression ;)

SOTB!!!: Would you consider yourself an expert on sex or someone who's constantly learning new things about herself and those around her?

Melody: I definitely wouldn’t call myself an “expert.” Online, I really just have fun with myself and share it with others, no special expertise required really. I definitely am always growing and learning more about myself sexually, whether it’s mental or physical. Physically, I learned I can “squirt” just last year (laughs). I can’t do it to myself yet, but my man has it down to a science (laughs). So yes, still learning (laughs) and I hope I never stop!

SOTB!!!: What's the weirdest request you've gotten from someone?

Melody: I balanced a high heel shoe on my head once for two whole minutes. That was fun (laughs).

SOTB!!!: Has there ever been a time that you've suffered performance anxiety, either on cam, at a shoot, or anywhere outside of that realm?

Melody: At first, I was nervous, and it showed on cam. If it wasn’t for my husband encouraging me, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. Now, I have done interviews for huge websites, I’ve been on TV, I’ve done live shows/interviews, et cetera.

I’m always a little nervous before, but once I’m in it, I know what I’m doing and I think my confidence shines. It’s just like when I play poker. Before the tourney I’m looking around the room sizing up my competition, and I’m scared. But once I sit down at that table, my nerves disappear and I’m really in my element.

SOTB!!!: So, what'd you do to remedy the anxiety?

Melody: You just gotta go with it, and remind yourself that it’s ok to look “human.” Everyone makes mistakes, et cetera. You have to be able to just laugh at yourself and move on :) It’s all about believing in yourself :)

SOTB!!!: This is probably kind of one of those "it comes with the territory" questions, but does it ever bother you to know that guys, we're probably jerking off to your shows? Why or why not?

Melody: To be honest, I don’t even think about it. I know a lot of people come just to hang out with me online, without their cock in their hand.

SOTB!!!: True. I’ve sat in on a couple sessions as a guest (sorry).

Melody: One guy asked me one day “how does it feel to have an entire hockey arena just staring at you, probably masturbating.” So when you say it like that, it makes you think (laughs). But, I normally don’t think much about it.

SOTB!!!: Can you tell me a bit more about RebelMayhem? For instance, what is the site's goal, how'd you get started with them, etc.?

Melody: is our collective free blog, a place where people can interact with us Rebel girls and follow our news, website updates, as well as appearances, et cetera. Mainly pertaining to the Rebels, or other girls we love. Within our solo websites there will also be a member’s blog area where more personal content will be posted :) Of course, some of that personal content will leak onto occasionally, but you’ll have to sign up to the website for the full Rebel experience.

SOTB!!!: What do you do when people come up to you and say "hey, Melody Kush. You're a slut for doing XYZ?" Now, I don't really agree with the use of that word, especially in a derogatory manner, but, hypothetically speaking--what would you do/do you do in that sort of situation?

Melody: Mute/block/silence, move on. I’M HAPPY, and if they’re not, not my problem (smiles).

SOTB!!!: Do you deal with those types on a regular basis?

Melody: Every. Single. Day. You’d think it’d get easier over time, but every now and then, a comment like that gets to me and I find myself having to shake it off. No one likes being bullied.

SOTB!!!: Truthfully: is it worse from men or women? And why do you think that is?

Melody: Being insulted by a man or a woman? (Laughs) Sometimes it’s men clearly posing as women lol…I dunno, like I said no one likes being put down, I don’t think it’s better or worse any which way, it’s something that just shouldn’t happen. If you don’t like something, don’t waste your breath to make someone feel bad about themselves. That negative energy just isn’t worth sharing!

SOTB!!!: Where do you see the Melody Kush brand in the next few years? Do you wish to continue it, leave and keep your fans salivating, or walk away completely, moving into other venues and ventures?

Melody: I have a few years of photography under my belt, and that is the direction I am floating towards slowly. I have a creative eye and I will not let that go to waste (smiles). Once my website is up, I do plan to cam less, However, I will still be doing the occasional live show, especially for my dedicated site members. It just won’t be my full-time focus.

I expect my solo website to be up for YEARS to come, hoping I can get enough content shot to keep me afloat for the next 8-10 years. Once that income is stable enough, I will be able to allow myself to take on more creatively fulfilling projects behind the camera, as opposed to in front of it. I feel at home in the adult industry, and I don’t plan on leaving it completely. Soon, it will be time to create other opportunities for myself within the industry, such as shooting for the Rebels’ multi-model site that is on the horizon.

SOTB!!!: When you're not on cam, what are some things that you enjoy getting into?

Melody: I love cards/games et cetera. Poker, crib, backgammon, billiards, puzzles--these are all things I could do every day of my life and never get bored. Lots of hockey watching (Go Sens Go). BBQs with friends and dancing all night are some of my favorite activities :)

SOTB!!!: What music are you into and what are you currently listening to?

Melody: Everything. My heart and soul is classic rock, my fav band is CCR. I also love techno, which is at the other end of the spectrum. Like, real Detroit or German techno. I have a huge soft spot for oldies, and really good blues. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Stanton Warriors & Fatboy Slim, I’ve been in a funky mood. I’m all over the place.

SOTB!!!: I know that your Twitter name has "mixtape" in it, do you get a lot of people sending you mixtapes or songs? If so, what do you tend to do with them? If you listen to them, is there a better way for people to pass new music along to you?

Melody: Some people send me links, but it’s just spam usually (laughs). I listen sometimes. “Mixtape” in my name really just means that Twitter is a “mixtape” of my everyday bullshit (laughs) but still true to my music-loving persona.

SOTB!!!: Last question, to try and keep up with the name. Do you strive to keep 420 in a circle of people you follow? And what happens when you take on more than 420?

Melody: Not a lot of my friends smoke actually…I find myself smoking alone a lot of times lol let’s just say that pot is my main squeeze ;)

SOTB!!!: Wow, totally realized that question was worded all sorts of weird (laughs). So, definite last question. Where can people find you on the interwebs.

Melody: You can find me on Chaturbate here. For Instagram, you can follow me here, and for Tumblr? Here.

SOTB!!!: Melody, I’d like to thank you for agreeing to do this interview and hope things go well for you now and in the future.

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