@DKAKAWayneWatts: The #MyLoveWindow Interview

Today, I had the chance to catch up with DK AKA Wayne Watts on the heels of his most recent project, Windows Theory II: The Love Window, and get further into the mythos of the series, whether or not wedding bells will be ringing soon for Mr. Watts, and more.

SOTB: So, the second part of the Windows Theory takes a completely different approach versus the first. Are you afraid of alienating a new fanbase who may've gotten used to you speaking on issues like you did on Part One?

DK: Not at all. Each window focuses on different themes and I think being able to tackle different topics/concepts actually broadens my appeal to different demographics. Some fans will like this window more because of the strong hooks and catchiness. Others will like the first because of the subject matter and tone. But at the end of the day, it allows more people to become fans of the music. Also the album is  designed to have  the listener look into the different windows of Wayne Watts (the theory’s case study) and see how they can relate to each one.

SOTB: Without being a spoiler, can you give an overview of Part Two of the Windows Theory?

DK: Part II deals with how we frame “love." It covers the different stages of relationships  we go through in life. It’s not necessary a linear process; we hop around these different stages throughout our lives based off of  random and--sometimes, not-so-random--circumstances.

SOTB: For "Only Girl," what was the story behind crafting that one?

DK:“Only Girl” deals with that “I’m outchea tryna get it! Eff Love” mentality that we all have at one point in our lives. It’s that “I’m hitting the club and tryna take down every bad joint” stage (laughs). Now on the bridge, the Cupid said "bang MF'er bang part? It’s the point you see your friends getting shot by Cupid and falling in love. And you are trying duck that ish as much as humanly possible (laughs). I kinda wanted to make Cupid seem more like a stick-up kid (like Michael on The Wire) instead of this fat naked creature w/ a bow and arrow.

SOTB: Good choice.

DK: So "Only Girl" is about avoiding Cupid. But it’s inevitable...we all get shot.

SOTB: Were you just trying to get your Christian Grey on on the second verse? Or was it more a natural progression in terms of the theme of love?

DK: On some Fifty Shades Of DK ish (laughs). But, naw...it’s really just the mindset of someone who is looking for instant gratification--even at the detriment of somebody else’s relationship. Like, "who cares if you got a man, or a family? What’s good with tonight tho'?"

SOTB: Will we hear more "Sangin' Wayne" on future projects?

DK: Maybe? [I'm] not sure. It’s whatever I feel fits the song best…On a record like “Be Ur Fool Pt 2," I felt like, since it was an honest, vulnerable record about acknowledging how you have fell for somebody, it would make sense if  I sung it so you can connect more to the feeling. My moms always wants me to sing more. I used to disagree with her a lot on that one! But now, it depends what the song needs.

SOTB: Same here, man. It's like, you get older, you start feeling the vocal game coming back STRONG (laughs). But, one thing that people will notice about these Windows, at least I think so, is that they're pretty self-contained and pretty self-referential. Was that on purpose to present different aspects of the "Theory," or did it kind of just end up becoming self-contained on its own?

DK: That was the idea! I wanted to have a different professor presenting on each window--so, it runs like a lecture at an important conference. But, they are all connected ! Once all four parts are out, you will see how much they connect!

SOTB: Speaking on being self-referential, and to go back a bit, what made you want to revisit "Be Ur Fool?"

DK: A lot of my fans really liked that song! And it was always fun to perform! And also Part II fit the story! Like, it’s the point where Cupid finally shoots you. You're getting up from the ground looking at everything differently. You were just in the club on your “Only Girl" ish. Now, you thinking of having semi-deep conversations over coffee.

SOTB: Speaking of which, I found a video of you performing the original "Be Ur Fool" back in Stamp.


SOTB: So, how does it feel to see this video compared to how you're doing things now? Is there a sense of nostalgia or is it kind of like, to use another one of your older tracks, let's "keep it moving?"

DK:  I love that my songs take me back to a place, like where I was when I wrote it! It’s like a button to a time machine. Comparing it to now,  I can see how much I’ve grown  as a performer and a storyteller.

SOTB: So, without getting you into too much trouble, is this part of the Theory about anyone in particular or more on some concept, "I Still Love H.E.R." type of vibe?

DK: It’s not about any one person. It’s a combination of many conversations and experiences I’ve had over the course of the last 2-3 years

SOTB: Kind of piggybacking on the last question, you mention on "Grown Ups" your age and (ongoing) maturity with regards to love. Are there wedding bells in the near-future for you, man?

DK: It’s possible (laughs).

SOTB: So, why'd you opt for more of a crowd-funding vibe over offering the album up for purchase, Spotify, etc.?

DK: I felt I wanted to eliminate as many barriers to getting this project as possible! So I wanted the listener to get it for FREE. And, if they really liked it they would let others know about it. Also, if they wanted to donate, they could--but their weren’t required to! I care more about adding to the fan base with this project.

SOTB: I donated anonymously a while back (Ed. Note: I tend to donate anon to a lot of projects and efforts, since it's more about helping than "oooh, look at me giving money) and will probably do so again, since you're like one of like ten musical big brothers that I've had. How has the crowdfunding been going for the collection?

DK: Once again I really appreciate that bro! Crowdfunding helped out TREMENDOUSLY! I was able to shoot a mini-documentary, start the website, start the merchandise shop, mix & master the project, and start a campaign with a publicist from donations! Like, it’s humbling to see I have fans that are invested in seeing me become successful and are backing me! That motivates me even more to put out dope material for them!

SOTB: You mention at the end of "I Met H.E.R.," that you're on your While You Were Sleeping (Ed. Note: WYWS is a two-part mixtape that Wayne released in late-2010. You can listen to part one hereflow. Will we ever see a new chapter in that series?

DK: Actually I’ve been flirted with an idea  for that recently!! I want to build the fan base with WindowsTheory first. But I have been thinking of some other concepts .  It may not come in the form of an album though. [It] may be a short film.

SOTB: When can we expect Volume Three of the Windows Theory to drop?

DK: Sometime before 2016...First, we want to push this "Window" super heavy and tour it!

SOTB: Alright, true. So, when it does, where are you going on it? What can people expect on it?

DK: The third Window is called The Window Of Opportunity. It deals with Opportunity vs. Obligation, Patience vs. Complacency--is the time running out on your Window of Opportunity? Stay tuned for that! But first? #MYLOVEWINDOW.

One last thing I wanted to mention was to see footage of shows,  or to track the project, use the hashtag #mylovewindow!  We want you guys to use it as well to show what your love window looks like!

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