Tray Chaney - "Attendance" Visuals

I found out about Tray's music through Mo Betta (I knew him from, you know, The Wire and all, but didn't know he did music), so I had to give a listen on the strength of Mo's positive influences. I'm a sucker for good music with positive messages, so I had to post this one. "Attendance" takes a head-banging track and turns it into a anthem for school attendance and leadership (and throws in actual stats about the negatives about missing out on school). If there were tracks like this out when I was in school, I wouldn't have despised going as much as I did from time to time. I mean, seriously. It makes you feel good about being in school and all that awesomeness. Besides, even if you miss out on some of the teachings you get from the instructors, the life lessons you can learn are invaluable.

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