Speed on the Beat Reviews: The Showcase Theater

As some of you may've seen in my earlier posts, I have visited my fair share of gentlemen's clubs, mostly in Baltimore. I enjoy doing so, and I'm an adult in a committed relationship, so I'm not doing anything wrong by going to one every now and then. Anyway, now that I've ost of the Baltimore spots were decent, but only a few were worth going back to more than once (either for the atmosphere, the talent or not-so-pushy bartenders). So, a little while ago, on a whim I decided to check out a spot which was closer to my current location in PG County. What I found was a hidden gem.

The Showcase Theater doesn't look like it'd be a gentleman's club. Located off of Route One, it's surrounded by a great deal of industrial buildings and the like. However, don't let the looks fool you. The inside is what counts, and it delivers in spades.

I entered the door, and wasn't greeted by roided-up bouncers, cigarette-stench drenched dancers who pleaded for your money, a "Fight Night" atmosphere from the patrons, or anything like that. I was greeted by a doorman behind Plexiglas who checked for ID, asked for the cover ($20, but there's a method to that), and then buzzed me in. I felt kind of like I was entering a secret sanctum of sorts, with the buzzing-in factor.

Once inside, I was taken aback by the laid-back atmosphere. There was a diverse cast of dancers who encouraged bountiful amounts of touching (there was practically something for everyone, from the guy who wants to see "asscheeks on [his] white tee" to the guy who wants to see someone strip to alt rock). Said dancers mingled willingly with patrons, and it didn't feel like "oh, I'm naked. Let me sit on your penis and you give me your rent money, mmmkay," which is always a great thing. Every seat had a "best seat in the house" feel to it (either because of the intimacy of the stage with relation to the crowd or because the dancers were pretty chill). The club was clean (major points for that; some clubs I've gone to, they feel very seedy). And there weren't any crazy prices for alcohol.

Remember that $20 cover I brought up? Well, in addition to free parking, Showcase is a BYOB establishment, which is a nice change (since sometimes, I want to go to a club and just drink a Red Bull, see some dancers, and not have bartenders demanding I buy alcohol). I assume you'd go outside, fill your cup, and head back inside to keep from too much insanity brewing. I abstained that night, so I didn't get the full experience of BYOB. But the prices for mixers and non-alcoholic beverages (Red Bull, Sprite, etc.) were reasonable.

Sipping on a Red Bull, I had a dancer come up to me, make conversation, and then asked if I wanted a dance. Unlike some clubs I've gone to, if/when I declined, the dancers respected my wishes. I appreciated that aspect of Showcase thoroughly, as there have been times where that didn't go as smoothly and I either ended up:

a) Being accosted by unwanted dances, pretty much to the point of molestation or
b) Having to haul-ass out because I said no, then another dancer came over, started dancing, and a fight almost broke out.

When I did actually get a dance, the dance area was a bit different from what I was used to. Instead of there being a divider between each booth, patrons had a comfy couch to chill on (while given clear views of the stage, the dancer they were that ground upon them, and any other dancers who were back in the area. It had the feeling of "hey, there Speed. We know you like T&A, we like T&A. Let's all enjoy it together."

Now, I didn't inquire about, for instance, if there was a more "one-on-one" area for dances (can't get everything out the way on the first time). However, if you're looking for a chill gentleman's club in the DMV with a BYOB policy, a wide array of dancers, and reasonable prices (free parking and inexpensive club mixers for your BYOB), definitely check it out.

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