Rickie Jacobs feat. Jay Wyse - "365"

Just saw this one on my timeline and hopped over to Soundcloud to peep some new music from two of Baltimore's musical bright spots. "365" from Rickie Jacobs and Jay Wyse features both artists spitting on a haunting instrumental from Lani Christ which builds up over time, then breaks down into a lurching, rattling monstrocity for its third verse. Both artists ended 2014 on some high notes, and came back swinging in 2015. I enjoyed Rickie's double-time flow around :54 (when the 808s kick in), especially with truthful "funnies" such as "these motherfuckers are very little like Bow Wow/I want a bitch with real tits and eyebrows." Jay takes the energy and buzz he gained from speaking on the "Root of All Evil" and all but bodies the beat.

The breakdown at the end hammers the "I'm on this shit all day, every day" vibe home and features some sick wordplay. So, long story short, there are worse ways to spend five minutes of your time. Why not listen to some dope music?

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