Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do

Now, I'll always hold a special place for Ms. Goulding's work in my heart. No, not because the "Lights" remix blared through the Ritz Cabaret speakers so...many...TIMES during my trips and misadventures there in 2012. Well...not entirely, at least. Anyways, the track is pretty pop-friendly (not a bad thing, because we need some different feels in the world) but still manages to be full of substance. Plus, it just sounds like something you'd have some naughty times to. Her voice is beautiful and haunting, kind of like a less-angsty, less-I've-done-drugs-to-numb-all-the-pain-from-the-Wicked-Games-I've-Played female Weeknd (check out her "High for This" remix if you've missed it, and then slap yourself because you missed it). The track is slated to appear on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, due out in the coming weeks. As an aside, I still haven't gotten the buzz surrounding Grey, but it's probably not for me to get.

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