Speed on the Beat Reviews: #OneYearLater

Ok, since we're reviewing old albums and ish (this is probably the last one for a while), I figure I might as well speak on my first official release One Year Later. As many of you know, I've been dropping stuff as a rapper/lyricist/whatever-fancy-ass-way-you-want-to-say-it since at least the early 2000s (hi MPJ-related tracks and "No Mas"). However, in 2012, I finally released a legitimate album (on the iTunes and shit; it's been taken down now, since I hated its original form), marking the beginning of the "No-Fi" experiment known as the Songs For Trilogy/Songs For Saga.

One Year Later, originally known as RAQUEL R3:Lo@DED, featured a few tracks from 2010's #RAQUEL mixtape (I should re-upload that at some point) and a second chapter, detailing the breakup and dissolution of my relationship with my son's mother, the titular Raquel. This album featured "Heartbreaker" (a/k/a that song about that girl who I don't talk to ever anymore really) and "Truthful Revelations." In 2013, I cut the crap out of it and re-released it via Soundcloud and DatPiff (the DatPiff numbers are BS, though, but I digress). This review will deal with only the OYL version of this album.

The album starts out with "Raquel's Song." My Lord, I sound young and/or smoked out on this track. It's a song from Raquel's "perspective." It's also one of the few songs which mentions me by my real name. This song is an interesting track. It's not exactly that good, because the perspective idea is grating. It's basically me rapping with an altered pitch to "mimic" a woman pissed off about my stupidity (rightfully so, looking back). The flow on this track is kind of garbage and the beat is way too simple.

"Fucking Angry," an Amy Winehouse-based sample, features SOTB!!! rapping a retort to "Raquel's Song." I think it's cut off on the DatPiff version, but pretty much, the track features me trying to explain why I "cheated" with Dezeray, and why I couldn't deal with her at the time (I was a young, dumb, man-child admittedly, who didn't really know how to balance life, responsibility, undiagnosed and untreated mental illness, and fatherhood. This album, in case you didn't know, paints me as a giant douche--and probably rightfully so, since I was being, well, a giant douche at this point).

From here, we're given "R.A.Q.U.E.L." or "Reality Alters Quests. Ultimately, Everyone Leaves."
This track has a plethora of bars. It also shows that we're both, in some way, to blame for our break-up. It's one of my favorite tracks from this album, even though it shows me as vulnerable and douche-y. I like the fact that this track just has about four minutes of bars that don't call Raquel out of her name really or make it all her fault.

Now, "The Heartbreaker Minisuite?" That was the result of me wanting to erase most Dezeray references on this album. But, if you're curious, here are the lyrics to the original song. The original song, admittedly, shows me as an unhinged thirst bucket (sorry Dezeray). See, yes, the song had a double meaning. However, when you got down to it, it was one of those songs where the guy ends up looking like an asshole, since he's bitching about this girl he wanted to get with and was kind of with, but she ended up retracting (rightfully so, again) since the guy was still in a messy breakup and was thirsting. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed, since she's happy with her son and I'm happy with Raquel and my family. But, in 2011, 2012...this foolishness was the norm:

2011/2012 Speed: Hey Dezeray, I think I love you (drinks until I can't see straight, then pops some Klonopin and gets on my Weeknd shit out in College Park and Baltimore)

Dezeray: What about Raquel? What about your son? What about the fact that I'm more so just feeling you as a pretty good friend, not really a boyfriend? What about the fact that this isn't really going to work because you're tripping and thirsty right now and it's kind of weirding me out...plus this is starting to look a lot like your interactions with Ms. Pink Jacket...

2011/2012 Speed: We broke up, I think. I'm having a manic episode, but I can't stop turning up. I probably need help. Would you like to be my help? And, I know you really like me, but...whaddafuckyoumean"notaboyfriend?" BAASDIOWBNFBF!ORBFEORFOBRFRFBRFDKDFN THIS ISN'T MPJ!!!!!!!! (Plays "Wicked Games" on repeat while stumbling around like a turned-up idiot) 

Good lord, I was so far fucking gone in 2011 and 2012. Considering some of the choices I made, there's got to be a God of some sort to keep me from completely losing my life (in any way).

Anyhow...from that clusterfuck, we're taken to "I Wonder," a middling list of "what-ifs." I guess it was my "Why?, but from a more emo (and smaller) perspective. Next up, we're given a demonic Minnie Riperton sample for "Life Goes On." An interesting tidbit about this one: I actually did a video for this song with True back in 2012. It'll never see the light of day because it was sheer fuckery. The song itself isn't "bad," it's just meh.

Our final three tracks take an even darker turn, considering that we're given a song where we have one of two Speed on the Beat "deaths." "#BECKY" is one of my favorite tracks overall, and is actually from 2010's RAQUEL mixtape. "Ultimo Cena de Volo (The Last Supper of Speed)" starts off pretty boombappy, but then ends up with an attempted suicide (in reality, this would coincide with the numerous issues which arose in mid-2012). Our outro is a slowed-down flip of "Jikai Yokoku" called "Muzak Music," indicating that at this point, I was in some sort of mental and literal limbo.

This, of course, doesn't include either the OG "Truthful Revelations..." or its remastered version, because...yeah. But, if you're curious, here it is:

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