@DKakaWayneWatts - Windows Theory (Part I of IV)

"For every Melo that makes it, there's nine more like Keify," DK states on the intro of his four-part EP series Windows Theory, Part One: The Rear-View, drawing comparisons between Carmelo Anthony's rise and Keith Jenifer's fall. It's that declaration (and the interpolation of "Way Down in the Hole") that sets this six-track project apart from your typical DK album. He's hungrier here, angrier here, and more "explicit" here than he's been in my almost ten years of knowing/knowing of him. It's a jarring experience, but one that's necessary to showcase the evolution of DK aka Wayne Watts as an artist, a person, and a character in this four-part narrative. The closing track "Life After College" hits hard, especially since life after college is kind of on some BS compared to how people tend to portray it (a degree doesn't equate to a job, and you get reminded that there's/have to deal with a lot more fuckery in the world than just what's seen in the college world).

All in all, it's a great album. So, check it out--and no, not just because I've known this man for years.

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