Black Messiah First Thoughts

Today, one of the most-talked about albums in recent memory from one of the most-reclusive artists in recent memory, D'Angelo's Black Messiah dropped. A twelve-track album, Messiah does what you would want it to do: it gives you new D'Angelo and does so pretty damn well. However, it's an album that's both "politically-charged" and just straight psychedelically funky. It's less "I want to please you" and more "I want to uplift you while pleasing all of your senses and letting you know that you, and you, and even you are a leader and can create change in some way." Essentially, if you were looking for a straight-up Voodoo follow-up, throw that notion out the window, embrace this album with every fiber of your being, and love it. Some have considered this D'Angelo's Prince moment. I'd disagree, since D'Angelo has been more Prince than almost any artist out there, mixing raw sexuality, transcendental thought, (restrained) trippiness, and just groovy instrumentation before it was "cool." But, screw all the "critic" talk and just listen to the album.


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