Me - "Truthful Revelations" (Remastered)

In addition to slashing the price on DOTK like a used car salesman (but less slimy, I'd like to think), I've done fucked around and remastered the first single from my #SongsForTrilogy, "Truthful Revelations." If you may recall, this track, originally called "Truthful Revelations Encompassing Every Kaptivating Action" was released on 4/20 in 2012. This song has sat in limbo for over two years because, quite frankly, it was even more no-fi than the rest of the album. So, I got off my ass, worked on remastering it, and ran it through the good folks at LANDR one mo' gin. Lo and behold, this is the final result. 

Depending on the feedback, I may actually work on re-releasing a slew of older tracks with a crisper, less "no-fi" sound. All depends on if people fuck with this, since I'm not going to be that guy who just drops re-release after re-release after re-release.

-Speed on the Beat

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