Dugee F Buller - GDLU EP

One of my favorite artists, social activists--and Death of the King collaborator--Dugee F. Buller recently released his GDLU EP via YouTube. All I've got to say is the EP is amazing. If you were a fan of Dugee's interview and Twitter thoughts, the title track from this EP, or even his verse on "Come and Get It" (sorry for the shameless plug, guys) you need to check this EP out. It's a short collection, clocking in at about 22 minutes, but it's a great listen nonetheless. If I had to describe GDLU in "who does it sound like," if Moet and Mad Dog was Dugee's GKMC, then GDLU is more aligned with Cadillactica. This, of course, makes sense considering I've described Dugee as "what'd happen if K.R.I.T. and Kendrick made a collabo album." 

Now, all I need is for Dugee to drop the download link to "Man in the Mirror." 

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